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  1. I have glass wind wings on my 22 Hupp and cut strips of an old inner tube and shaped them to fit the metal pinch brackets with very good results. There has not been any slippage even in hot weather. Try it and see if it works for you.
  2. Hi Durospeed, A friend of mine is interested in one or two of your brass lights. They are on page # 1 picture # 11 His name is Brian and his cell # is 1-203-823-7611. Would you please give him a call or send me your # and I will forward it to him. Thanks. Oldsoul58.
  3. Hi do you have ant CM Hall #186 acetylene headlights or parts for them? Thanks for looking.
  4. An ad in the Old Cars Weekly magazine states that a 50/50 mix of lestoil and bleach works wonders and use a stiff brush.
  5. Hi Dodge, You can send any pics or info to drhupp58@aol.com if you want to. Thanks. Dale.
  6. Hi I am very interested in the running board can setup. Please tell me if they were rusty at one time it looks like one of the spouts has some rust in it. Can you tell me where you are and get me a shipping quote to zip code 01073. I would very much like to purchase them. Thanks.
  7. Hi everybody. I am looking for 2 brass headlight rings [doors] with reflectors [l+r] to fit CM Hall #186 acetylene headlights. Please search your parts and let me know if you have anything. Thanks.
  8. Hi I have a model jn westinghouse distributor body from a 1923-1925 Hupmobile that I would like $100. for but the bad news is try to find a distributor cap and points for is near next to impossible. The last ones I saw in Hershey the guy wanted $650. for them. Needless to say they stayed there. I did find a Massey Ferguson 4 cyl. distributor model #Y1 type A that with very little machine work it fits like a glove onto my oil pump shaft. There is also a late 40s to early 50s Jeep 4 cyl distributor that works. Hope this helps you.
  9. Hi 32 Pontiac. Would you be interested in any 32 running gear?
  10. Hi J. This is old soul 58 and I would be very interested in your construction book. It would go very well with my 22 Hupp touring car. Please message me if you still have it and I will send you my address. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Guess I will try and modernize the system as I really want to see the gas lights light up.
  12. Hi I recently bought an antique car with acetylene headlights and have the original tank with the gauge on the bottom My question to anybody is can I get the tank certified and refilled and where can this be done? I live in Massachusetts. Is there some sort of regulator that needs to be used? If not able to refill what are people using these days to retain the acetylene headlights. Thanks for any info.
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