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  1. Hi J. This is old soul 58 and I would be very interested in your construction book. It would go very well with my 22 Hupp touring car. Please message me if you still have it and I will send you my address. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Guess I will try and modernize the system as I really want to see the gas lights light up.
  3. Hi I recently bought an antique car with acetylene headlights and have the original tank with the gauge on the bottom My question to anybody is can I get the tank certified and refilled and where can this be done? I live in Massachusetts. Is there some sort of regulator that needs to be used? If not able to refill what are people using these days to retain the acetylene headlights. Thanks for any info.
  4. Hi, Do you have any 33x4 straight side tires and parts for 1912-1914 Hupmobiles?
  5. Hi, I live in western Ma. When is a good time to call you?
  6. Hi would you be interested in the complete running gear from a 510000 mile 32 6 cylinder coupe? I think that It includes the piece that you are looking for I would have to take the drum off to confirm. I have the front axle, the rear diff, engine, tranny with free wheeling unit, radiator and shell, driveshaft, steering column with box, shocks and new head gaskets. Probably more stuff that I would need to look for. If yor interested let me know. Thanks. Oldsoul58.
  7. Hi I just found your ad for a Stanweld rim for sale from Sept. 2019 and was wondering if you still had it. I just bought a 13 Hupp with 25" stanweld wheels and would like to have a spare. Is there any way you could send a pic if you still have it. Thanks. Oldsoul58.
  8. Hi Nash34 this is Oldsoul58 and I have just purchased a 1913 Hupp 32 touring and was wondering if you could help me with some ?s that I have about my car. I need some pics of what the windshield pivots look like and pics of the spare tire brackets some under the hood pics of some thing s that I dont know if im supposed to have or not. Thanks.
  9. Looking for the windshield pivot brackets and related parts also the spare tire carrier brackets, the radiator cap, [2] 33x4 straight side roller tires and Im sure there is going to be more as time goes on. Please message with any info or contacts that you might know of. Thanks.
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