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  1. Thank you Barney!! Appreciate you also including the build date for 586 - I thought it was strange it didn't have a pinstripe as well. It also has a factory CD player now, so my guess is it must have been installed later, as the database says no CD?? 586 is pictured below.
  2. I'm trying to track down a red/tan/tan '91 convertible, VIN # 1G4EC33L3MB900417. According to the database, the car was reported as having 76,000 miles in 1997. I ran a CarFax on it and it looks like the last reported activity was that it was listed for sale at Moore Buick/GMC in Los Gatos, CA on 1/27/2012. Does anyone know anything about this car or know the recent whereabouts on it??
  3. Thanks a million, Barney! I'm already trying to track down the others in this series. It turns out 416 is in inventory at John R. Young Chevrolet-Buick-GMC in Eunice, LA. It appears that this particular dealership has several '91 convertibles in stock, including 416, 536, 613, and 554. Additionally, there is an 89 coupe (904319) and a 91 coupe (900984). It appears that these cars might be part of the owner/dealer principal's collection, as there are several other older vehicles in inventory as well. None have prices. The 900416 convertible is listed on the site has having 22,943 miles. I doubt the owner would part with the car, but who knows...I'd love to have it someday!
  4. Keep posting! Let's keep this thing alive. We all have a big piece of GM, Buick and automotive history. @Ronnie @Barney Eaton @DAVES89 thank you all for your contributions!
  5. @MRJBUICK sounds like you have a great car and according to the Reatta Database, yours looks like a nicely optioned car, as well! It's funny you ask the question about which one to drive to shows and such, as I've actually been pondering that question myself! I just closed the deal on the lower mile 418 this week, so I haven't yet had a chance to have it out yet. As they are exact twins, I'm going to try my best to take them both to shows whenever I can...and that means I need to get to work finding some reliable, responsible drivers! Haha! As far as documentation goes, I really didn't have much on 419 and 586, as I purchased them both from an estate. The previous owner, George Roberts, was a Buick dealer in Lapeer, Michigan, and my understanding was that he ordered the cars new through his dealership and transported them to Cave Creek, AZ, where he and his wife had a winter home. This story doesn't seem to add up now, though. When I found 418, I began to do some digging (due to the serial numbers being so close to one of my other cars) and found via the Reatta Database that both 418 and 419 were both owned by a gentleman in Syracuse, NY. 418 had Chuck Parry's name listed in the database, while 419 did not (but I can assume Chuck likely owned it as well). This blew the entire story on my original two cars to bits, as it was obvious that at least one of them was not owned by George Roberts since new. My best guess is that George purchased the car used, perhaps from Chuck Parry at some point. As far as 586 goes, my guess is that George might have purchased that car brand new (it only has 17,000 miles) and later tried to procure another identical car for himself or his wife so they would have a pair. Lots of this information I've found just by digging and looking through the database. However, 418 is HIGHLY documented, much more than my other two cars. I have binders full of paperwork and actual written descriptions about the history of the car. Oddly, it's through this car that I've learned more about its twin, 419. I'll attach a summary write-up to this post that Chuck Parry wrote about the car during his ownership. Best advice on your car...keep digging! You'll likely end up surprised at what you find, just as I have!
  6. Thanks for the post, Brenda! Can’t wait to get them all out together
  7. @Kevin M awesome idea, and @Cargirl has 900422 and ironically we live in the same area! Already talking about when we can get them all out to a show
  8. Awesome! I second being ready for fall - this 110-115 is too hot for the Reatta!
  9. I understand what you mean, I just didn't know if I was doing something incorrectly looking at the spreadsheet I downloaded from the site. It's a great database and certainly appreciate yours and Tom's time on it!
  10. Maybe I'm just a creature of habit! Lol. The red really grabs me, probably more than any other Reatta color except Maui Blue. I could go for that.
  11. I'm 27 and grew up loving the car's looks and low production numbers. Being born in 1991, I always wanted a 1991 convertible, but just never came across the right one (low miles & collector grade condition) at the right price. Last year, out of the blue, I saw a craigslist ad for an estate auction with not one - but two - 1991 convertibles with very low miles about 20 miles from where I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. I went to the auction with the belief that I'd try to own one of the cars- they were a husband/wife pair and both red/tan/tan. One had 50,000 miles, the other one 17,000 miles. The 50k mile car came up first and I thought the price was right so I bought it. Oddly, the cars weren't sold one right after the other, so I had to wait for a few coins, plates and guns to be sold to see the other car with 17,000 miles go across the auction block. When it came by, the money was once again right, so I bought it, too! Fast forward six months and I'm browsing through craigslist again and I see another 1991 convertible, this one with 29,000 miles and identical to one in my pair come up for sale. After going back and forth on price for a few weeks, I just closed the deal on it today. What makes this car really special is that it was made one car before one of my other two, and is identical all the way down to the pinstripe. That story aside, I am the sixth owner of my most recent purchase. It seems like several folks bought these cars back in the day as long-term investments, but for whatever reason, they couldn't hold onto them long enough to see the real payback in their investments. My latest car was purchased several times for around sticker or above (as high as $38,000) and, although values are still pretty good, they aren't at that level. I really, really do think these cars will have their day. As long as I can keep shuffling them around with the other cars in my collection, I plan to hold onto them for several years. I think the owners who hold onto them and care for them will reap the benefits -- at some point in the future. Maybe 10 years, 20 years...who knows?
  12. Hi Barney, what do you mean by "has not been loaded"?
  13. I just purchased serial # 900418 to go along with my identical serial 900419 convertible. 418 (pictured in this post) has 29,000 miles and is red/tan/Saddle with red moldings and gold pinstripe. This car is one of four that were driven by an EV1 Exec, and was purchased by Ray Spoth, Buick's North America Marketing and Business Development manager in 1994. From there, it was sold to former Dallas, TX mayor Jack Evans, who then sold the car to Chuck Parry of Syracuse, NY in 1997. Chuck also owned my other identical 1991 convertible, serial 900419, around the same time. Chuck sold this car to a gentleman in 2017 who transported the car to Scottsdale, AZ, where it has been stored and driven less than 1,000 miles. I just purchased the car from that owner, and purchased 900419 from a different owner last year. The thought of having two consecutive serial number '91 convertibles is alone astonishing, however, these two are especially special as they are identical twins, all the way down to the pinstripe and moldings. Looking forward to having "The Twins" out soon for the world to see!
  14. Hi Barney, I checked the database but didn't see a column/info for build date. Can you point me in the right direction?
  15. 1991 Convertible, Red/Tan/Tan, 900419, built 2/91, 50k miles. Won "Best Preserved" at ClassicCars.com's Future Classic Car Show 1/19 in Scottsdale, AZ. Lives in Surprise, AZ.
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