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  1. I was honored and thrilled to get in touch with Hemmings Motor News -- thanks to @Cargirl -- for a photo shoot of one of my 1991 Reatta convertibles. They will be running a special edition Reatta Buyer's Guide sometime in early 2021. Be sure to keep on the lookout in January or February editions for this special feature. Here are some photos I took during the shoot of my car (these are my photos, not the photographer's). This is VIN 900418.
  2. I’m betting on the Reatta becoming more collectible and valuable with time. I’m 28 years old and have three ‘91 convertibles, all very nice with low mileage, including two consecutive serial number twins. Hopefully, holding onto them (and figuring out storage) for several more years will pay off someday when I sell them!
  3. I’ve taken some parts off the red convertible. It has a decent top as well but you’re right, not much left inside (thanks to me)
  4. I just ordered the kit thanks to your post - I’ve been needing to touch up a little. Thanks for the info on expresspaint!
  5. That's some very interesting data, Barney, and thank you again for sharing. I would agree with your point regarding dealers, museums etc as these cars can't be tracked by registrations. All of my cars are unregistered as I have a dealer license. I also know John Young has a few 1991 convertibles that are likely not registered as he has a Buick dealership.
  6. That’s a good question- to me I think it is, especially considering the car was used in the electric program at GM. The fact that Buick had planned on it to be scrapped but that in reality it’s an amazing 29,000 original mile car is interesting enough to me that I’d probably pay more for it...curious if others would feel the same. What do you think? There’s a lot of speculation, as Barney has also eluded to, about how many 91 Reatta convertibles are actually out there since so many were listed as scrap or donated, etc. This proves that there are at least a few out there in normal operating condition and being driven/collected.
  7. Thank you @Barney Eaton! Very interesting and I’ll be printing that document off for my records.
  8. @Barney Eaton Awesome information! Just the fact that you have it/remember it is incredible. So, in my 900418’s case that you show going to the electric division, was that car listed as scrap? Along with the other three vehicles including Larry’s 434? Just curious as presumably all four were actually sold to employees concluding testing in Buick’s employee lottery.
  9. Donated. Thank you for what you do!
  10. Looks like the letter “O” and not the number “0” after the 1 and before the 8 in the last 6 of the vin. There wouldn’t be letters there.
  11. @Barney Eaton the 4 to Cadillac or the 4 to Buick?
  12. Yeah, I have no idea, that’s just what the documentation that I have says. Maybe they were wanting to look at something in particular. They did drive it 16,000 miles, though trying to figure something out! Kind of amazing this car wasn’t ever sold new through a dealer- it went directly to Buick Corporation.
  13. Yes, Chuck Parry owned it in 1997, that’s when he bought it from Jack Evans. Jack bought it from Ray Spoth, who was a Buick exec that bought the car in a lottery from Buick Corporation. Buick owned the car from new until May, 1994 and their engineers drove the car 16,000 miles.
  14. I bought this 1991 convertible, VIN 900418 a month ago today to go with it’s twin, 900419, and I finally brought it home from storage! Drove just like a 29,000 mile car should on a hot AZ day. This one was one of four test cars for GM’s EV1 program from 1991-1994. It was driven by an EV1 engineer for three years and 16,600 miles as they attempted to model the ride and handling of the Reatta for the EV1 project.
  15. Were these cars given to the dealer principals/owners themselves as a gift for exceeding Buick’s standards, or sold to them to sell to their customers? This is something I still haven’t been able to clear up.
  16. From a collecting perspective, I think both cars attract a similar collector. I’ve had three Allantes in addition to my Reattas, and I really like the Allante overall (certain years/powertrains). Ironically, the guy I just bought my latest ‘91 Reatta convertible from was also selling a ‘93 Polo Green Allante with under 20,000 miles. Allantes came up during casual conversation with his selling agent, and then I learned he also had an Allante craving. Seemed to prove my point! Haha. @B Jake Moran I agree with your point about Allantes in Iowa- I just moved from DSM to AZ a few years ago after being there the first 25 years of my life. I bought an 87 Allante with 41k pearl/red from Stivers out in Waukee they got in on trade. Sold it to a 93 year old collector in Marshalltown who just had to have it. Small world!
  17. Thank you, Marck! A consecutive pair of Polo Green coupes would be awesome, too. Seems like you’ve had your hands on A LOT of Reattas over the years. Wouldn’t it have been cool if they built a green convertible? I think it would have sold! I’ve always wanted a polo ‘93 Allante, just haven’t been able to find one in the condition and price I want.
  18. Looks like he has some great cars, at least from what I can see on his dealership site. No pics or anything, but the miles and years are right.
  19. @MRJBUICK that’s a really great question, I’m going to look through all of the documentation tomorrow and see if the info on the other three EV1 cars is in there somewhere. @Barney Eaton may also know which cars they were.
  20. @Cargirl No kidding?? So 416 isn’t owned by John anymore? He needs to update his website! Haha.
  21. They always get a lot of looks and a lot of questions! Most people don’t remember them, but occasionally you’ll find someone who does and says it was their dream car at the time.
  22. Yeah, I like it, having two identical cars at a car show really stops the crowd. Pretty fun to me!
  23. Thanks Ronnie, I like the cars because they’re modern and drivable. Having a collection you can actually enjoy I think is really important. I’m drawn to cars with power everything, modern drivetrains and a nice ride - very different than my grandfather’s collection of the ‘30s-‘50s era. His cars sit most of their life while I’m not afraid to jump in mine and go to car shows, weekend cruises, etc. We’re lucky the Reatta offers us this opportunity while we hang onto them as investments.
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