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  1. I am looking for original blue seat belts for my 64 Riviera. Can be only for front seats but I would prefer also for back seats. Andres
  2. Did the 64 have the same design? My car does not have originals so I am just curious how original 64 should look. Andres
  3. I discussed with Clark's and they suggested deep blue would be best match. If I receive it I'll post some pictures for those who may have same dilemma in the future:)
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately this car carpet has already been changed in the past, so I cant rely on that color if I want to keep as close as possible to original. That's why I am asking advise. I don't want to choose the color I like the most but what is the most close to original 601 trim from these 3 options. I also will order same material for doors and kick panels so they all match.
  5. I am "struggling" with Covair page for finding correct blue to replace my carpet in my 64 Riviera. My car trim is 601 and I want to use original blue carpet. I can see they have three different blues, can anyone advise which should be correct original: Light, Deep or Medium Blue?
  6. Hi all! I bought my 64 Riviera not a long time ago and this is my first first generation Riviera (I had 71 before that) so I am learning to know this car "manually" and reading this wonderful forum. Yesterday I noticed strange button under the center mirror. It would be logical to assume that it is switching the lamp next to it. But no wire is going inside to the mirror and by electric schemes there should not go anything to the roof mirror... On the upper side of mirror there is hole but it is blocked with plastic plug. Mirror seems to fit like original but as I do not have any comparison maybe some of you from this forum know something about this mirror? Someone has switched it previously? What cars have these as original? Andres
  7. My car has Edelbrock 1406 and the correct transmission vacuum port is driver's side port in front side of the carburetor. Previous owner had connected PCV, transmission and power brakes all together to the back side of the carburetor which in result caused very poor power braking effect, high rews for gears to change and rough gear change. I rerouted all vacuum lines like it is stated in Edelbrock manual and car can stop now with 4 wheels blocking and gear shifts really smoothly on low rpms. Here is good video guide for Edelbrock:
  8. Hi All! My car floor needs serious work. I need to replace many parts so I googled and found this provider: Does anyone have experience with this manufacturer? Or if you have another company who's metal parts were good quality, please share. Thanks, Andres
  9. Maybe I presented my wish in bad English, sorry for that. I am looking for whole headlight unit. The big unit that contains 2 sealed bulbs, casting, etc like this:
  10. Hi Tom. I am interested in whole unit. Send me pictures and if they are good I take them. Thank you.
  11. Maybe I presented my wish in bad English, sorry for that. I am looking for whole headlight unit. The big unit that contains 2 sealed bulbs, casting, etc like this: This has broken tip exactly like mine.
  12. I need drivers side headlight for 64. I believe they are the same with 63?
  13. Drivers side headlight is needed bot if needed I can also both left and right headlights.
  14. As mine has broken tip I am looking for replacement. If you are offering both left and right front lights I can also buy pair.