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  1. Good news: while I still think I bent something a fraction where the horizontal adjustment rod meets the clam shell, I was able to take up the additional slack by adjusting the arm at the motor connection point. Thanks all. Much appreciated!
  2. I seem to recall that horizontal rod adjustment point being pretty secure and not moving, as that is where I was looking as I applied pressure. Worth a shot though. Thanks Tom.
  3. Gentlemen, I was having a sticking clam shell headlight cover problem last night and in my infinite wisdom (or stupidity) I applied a little pressure to open the clam shell to see if I could get the mechanism unstuck. After lubricating all the joints on both clam shells and the motor arms, it works again, but will no longer close properly. Before I embark on exploratory surgery (something I have not done on my clam shells before), I thought I would reach out for any tips / tricks / thoughts your guys might have on the damage I have done and how best to rectify it. Thanks.
  4. Yes. I followed Mike's advice earlier in the thread. The key was spraying several coats of plastic primer before applying the new tan color. They turned out great. "The Parts Place (www.thepartsplace.com) has seat belt retractor covers for full size Chevrolets that my fit your needs. They are in black only and have to be painted to match your interior. If you select Chevrolet Impala then search for "Interior - SEAT BELT RETRACTOR COVERS" you will see three different models listed. You might want to call them for details."
  5. C'mon 1965rivgs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Besides, rodneybeauchamp asked, I delivered. Alright no more pictures. Apologies to any sensitive constitutions that may have been offended.
  6. Spoke to the ex (Heavy Duty Flasher pictured) about the problem. She said "Its a blown fuse, you idiot! Now respect the restraining order!." Low and behold...problem solved!
  7. I had the panel off last night but the wiring harness going into it from behind the dash prevented it from coming down to allow access. As such I'm reaching up around for now. Will see if I can change that. Switch connection at the base-ish of the steering column appeared to be working normally and had good cable sheathing. Thanks all.
  8. Thanks guys. I rapped on the flasher / relay a bit but no joy. Will try replacing and report back. Any tips / tricks for replacing it without pulling the whole dash apart? I'm a little concerned about reaching it and getting the new one aligned properly in order to push it in.
  9. Hi All. I was going to jump onto Hans3's August thread "Tilt column & signal lever removal 1st Gen" but thought maybe this should be its own turn signal trouble shooter thread. This is for a '65 non-GS Riviera. Yesterday all turn signals indicators (interior and exterior) were working normally. Today, everything is dead. Exterior bulbs are nearly new (replaced this summer) in front and back. Is this likely to be the switch malfunctioning or the relay? Or the actuator in the steering column? Naturally, I'm hoping to start with the path of least resistance. If switch, it sounds as though I can start at the connection points under dash when the male/female connection is made exterior to the steering column? Second stop would be to reach up and around a replace the "Heavy Duty Flasher 1496" relay? (sounds like my last girlfriend's stage name! I kid, I kid) Last option would be to pull the steering wheel and inspect/replace the actuator where the signal arm meets the column? If last option, what steering wheel puller is recommended? Haven't attempted that before and want to get it right with the right tool. As always, appreciate your guys' great help!
  10. Thanks Alini. You're confirming my thoughts. Good to know I'm not missing an additional piece. Hearing small parts become disconnected and bounce around inside the dash compartment is never good...
  11. Ed, unless I am misunderstanding you the exterior dash switch components are all there and still in place. These internal dash pieces came off during my ignition switch debacle and I am trying to reassemble.
  12. Hi Chris, I realize your post is from a few years back, but my 65's wiper switch fell apart on me Monday when I was messing with the ignition switch connection. I can't find how it goes back together in the shop manual and am not figuring it out. I have two springs and a circular gold plate/bracket. Maybe there's another piece hiding in the dash compartment that I'm missing? Appreciate any guidance / insights you can share. You probably figured this out already, but the wiper switch turns Clockwise. I don't know the answer to your grounding question. Sorry.