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  1. Morning Gentlemen, I'm still in the market for outer fenders - both passenger and driver side - for my '65 Riv base model. Straight with as little rust possible, ideally. Prefer West Coast as I am in Seattle and shipping costs can be a back breaker. I appreciate any and all leads. I've tried Larry Daisy and he's all out. Tried Mario in SoCal and he's either out or does not respond. All American Classics in Vancouver, WA is checking. Tried Tim in California and he seemed...irritated...that I would ask. So the search continues. Thank You! David
  2. I was making progress with Mario on the right passenger fender but he went dark on me and is no longer responding. Disappointing.
  3. Gene, wow! That's quite an impressive collection you've got there. Maybe we can talk about an upper front bumper as well? I'll do some research on the shipping. I know they will want dimensions. From your experience, how big is a pair of fenders boxed up?
  4. Quite a bit of patchwork needed for these. More than I'm willing to take on. Thank you for keeping an eye out, Ed!
  5. Thanks Ed. I’ll check it out first thing in the morning. These fenders have been TOUGH to find.
  6. Bingo. After the penetrating oil failed to do the job, I was able to move the rubber bumper enough to expose the bolt threads. Reciprocating blade might light work of it. Thanks Ed!
  7. Thanks Turbinator. Good thoughts. I'm hoping to explore less destructive options before going to the reciprocating saw.
  8. I feel a bit silly asking such a basic question, but I am at my wits end with this last front bumper bolt on the driver's fender. I'm trying to remove my bumper and this last bolt is spinning with its housing, so it won't release. I had my wife try to put pressure on the housing using a flathead screwdriver positioned outside the fender while I unscrewed it from inside, but that didn't do a thing. Anybody have any tips / tricks / suggestions? Maybe try to soak it with some anti-lock spray to help release the bolt's bind on the housing? Photos below for reference. Note the rubber front bumper grommet obscures the view a bit.
  9. That’s great to hear. Thanks. I gave him a call today and he said he’d send some photos of what he had tomorrow. Fingers crossed....
  10. Thanks David. I'll give Mario a call. Have you worked with him in the past? What's your connection to him?
  11. Thanks Richard. I tried Tim previously and he was....interesting...to deal with. Didn't seem particularly interested in gaining customers.
  12. Gentlemen, I'm still in the market for outer fenders - both passenger and driver side - for my '65 Riv base model. Rust free and straight. Shipping costs are a back breaker given the size so West Coast is preferred as I am in Seattle. I appreciate any and all leads. Yes, I've tried Larry Daisy and he's all out. Thank You! David
  13. Good points, gentlemen. The folks that recored my radiator also offered a "race" or premium" version (for a more premium addtn'l cost of course) which included dimples inside the tubes. Reason being (supposedly) is turbination. The more turbulence in the coolant, the more "cold" coolant comes into contact with the tube wall thereby increasing heat transfer. Goes to your guys flow rate and surface area points. How much increased heat transfer you might ask? "Around 15%" was what I was told. I passed on the offer since it felt like it was more from the Marketing Dept than the R&D Dept. but I tip my hat to them for the idea!