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  1. Those look pretty good. Do I gather that removing the machine screws at the back allows the disc “sandwich” to open for cleaning with one set of spikes in each disc? And it’s only secured to the wheel via those spring tensioned teeth?
  2. 71GS, exactly. RivNut suggested the same on using plain steel wheels and provided a great diagram but others have suggested the rally wheels would work. Since I have no experience with hub caps, I’m not clear on how they attach to the wheel. Buying another set of wheels and switching over the tires also adds effort + cost.
  3. To be clear, I want to put the ‘63-‘64 hub caps I attached of a picture of on my ‘65 which has the standard rally wheels. I would prefer the “R” logo spinners. Appreciate your info but I prefer the look of the crossing spokes on 63-64 hub caps. If I can source a pair for a fair price, I’ll reach out to you regarding your “R” logo spinners. Thanks Turbinator.
  4. Thanks all. I appreciate the advice. Any guesses at what a fair price range is for a set?
  5. Hi All. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to Riviera hubcaps. I've always liked the looked of the '63-'64 wire hubcaps with dual spinners like these pictured (except with the "R" emblem) and thought they'd go great on my '65 resto mod. Will these fit or can they be made to fit on the standard 15" rally wheels found on the '65s? Or do I need to look at a separate set of wheels to accept these hubcaps? What is a fair price for a clean set these days? Thank you for educating me. David
  6. Thanks for the tip. Yikes. At $599 does the book do the sanding and polishing too?
  7. I'm not seeing the Eastwood set you're referring to, Ed, but I like you're thinking and will see what I can find on trim restoration sets.
  8. So...any experience with the Restopart in question? I’m clear on the existing stock available. What I’ve been seeing has damage that can’t be polished out. And it costs as much (or more) than the Restopart.
  9. Hi All. Weighing options on new windshield molding for my '65. Looking for as clean as possible without breaking the bank. Does anyone have any experience with the repro kit from Restoparts? I'm a little confused as they are very specific that their kit is only three pieces (instead of 5) and does appear not to include the pair of vertical posts that go on either side. Also curious how well they fit. Here's a link to the kit in question: https://www.carid.com/restoparts/windshield-molding-set-mpn-br03310.html?singleid=2909719405&url=15195467 Thanks.
  10. Nicely done. Looks pretty respectable to me. How long do you think it took you start to finish? Out of curiosity, where did you get your floor mats? They look much better than my OPGI "Riviera" mats which seemed to starting fraying on day 2.
  11. Thanks guys. Great advice. When I told my wife I was thinking of trying to do the vinyl change over myself she just rolled her eyes. Apparently I’ve developed a reputation for biting off a little more than I can chew! I think now it’s best to leave this one to the pros and focus on the 6 other projects already started. Great to get the validation on Clark’s as well. Now if one of these lotto tickets would just pay off...
  12. Good to know. Looks they are $1080 for the full custom vinyl from Clark's. Guess you do get what you pay for. Has anyone ever done the switch themselves? My upholstery guy wants $1500 to remove and replace which includes adding some lap belts in the rear. Also tighten springs, refresh foam and grease seat tracks. Seems a bit high but maybe its more difficult / labor intensive than I think?
  13. Hi All, I'm looking at full vinyl kits for my custom Saddle interior. What are people's thoughts in terms quality v price with the options out there? OPGI runs about $640 and is supplied via Distinctive Industries (I've heard not great in terms of quality). Old Buick Parts / Cars has them for $989 (supplier unknown) and it seems Clark's Corvair has them but I can't figure out the price / manufacturer. Appreciate any thoughts / opinions. Thanks.
  14. I have not. That will be my next step. Thanks Ed.
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