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  1. Steve, We probably couldn't get our two Rivs farther away from each other and still be in North America!
  2. Thanks, Chris. My guy did an amazing job on the paint, he is truly an artist. The paint job is over 10 years old and I have never waxed it. It probably helps that it doesn't get outside very often! Peter.
  3. The longest trip since restoration. There had been a few 60 mile trips and the shorter ones to town for gas, etc. I don't know why I was concerned about breakdowns, it ran flawlessly. There is a very scenic highway up to our National Park, narrow, no shoulders, but smooth pavement and lots of gentle turns and some hills. It was the perfect day to do a good shake down trip. It was a little smoky - forest fires to the east of us. My rough calculations revealed about 9 miles per US gallon. Hopefully that improves as it gets broken in. There were no WOT accelerations, I drove like there was a raw egg between my foot and the pedal. I expected better fuel economy, my last (identical) unrestored 65 Riv GS achieved about 12 MPG and that was driving it home from upstate NY to Saskatchewan ( in January 99 ). All in all, it was a great day!
  4. It came from Tucson to Saskatchewan in 1979 or 1980, then got disassembled and sat in pieces for about 13 years. I took possession in about 2003.Then we did a frame off resto that took about 9 years. Black interior from Clark's. Options - all except power trunk/vents and autronic eye. Numbers matching. No rust ever, 43,000 miles. It gets to rest all winter in my heated shop and right around this time of year, I squirt a couple ounces of fresh premium into the carbs, start it up, go for a little rip, then change the oil. I replaced the speedo cable last year and expect to take it on a few cruises this summer.
  5. Alex, I'm still here in Saskatchewan! Just getting ready to bring my 65 Gran Sport out of hibernation. We had an early spring, but it is still fairly cool. Looking forward to some nice long cruises, now that I have a working speedometer. Peter Hoemsen ROA #6910
  6. Here in Saskatchewan, we can also check online for availability. I've been considering a few new ones, but this is what I'm running now. Plain and simple, I'm curious to see what others came up with.
  7. During the restoration, The speedometer cable was installed without an insert. When we finally got around to putting a new insert in, we apparently cut and crimped it too short. This resulted in a lot of noise from the speedo head, so I disconnected it at the transmission end. I finally got around to installing a whole new cable that I had purchased from CARS a number of years ago ( SC612-4 ). The new cable assembly is about 4 3/4" longer than stock. This doesn't seem to be an issue, it routed just fine between the body and frame. I had removed the dash pad thinking that would help in the removal and replacement of the new cable, but I found out that access was easier by removing the fuse panel. Now I just need to re-install those two items. It is GREAT to have a working speedometer!!! Now I don't have to use the phone app/GPS to see how fast I am going. There is about a 5% discrepancy between the app and the speedo, the app reads high.
  8. https://www.griotsgarage.com/product/odor+exterminator.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=Search "eco-friendly" Chlorine Dioxide vapors. It worked well, roll up windows, open package and let it sit overnight. Seemed to eliminate the odors, not just mask them.
  9. This is a picture I took on August 26,2019. Put a few miles on this summer, still a work in progress.
  10. It just so happens that mine is still up on jack stands. Here is a picture of the filler plug with 3/4" Hex head and tag ""Limited Slip Diff Lube Only " Or something close to that.
  11. After much frustration and ordering the wrong part (once), It seems I found the correct part. This is the rubber flocked seal that goes against the side windows in the channel of the vent window. NOT the vent window seal itself !!! I ordered a set from RTRW and I mistakenly ordered the part for "full size" Buicks.That was part # 10-021X. It appears that RTRW correct part number for 63-65 Riviera is 10-047X. From RTRW Flocked Division Channel Seal - Includes Bumpers For Vent Frame PART #:10-047X THIS PRODUCT FITS 1963-65 Riviera -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Steele Rubber Products Flexible run channel kit 1965 Buick Riviera 2-Door-Hardtop Part Number: 70-1886-62 Upper division post run channel kit. Includes end bumpers with brass core. Four (4) piece set. Replaces factory #5717300. That last part was the clincher - the factory part number. I was able to find that on my original channel seal for cross reference. It appears to be in 2 pieces, the seal itself and the top section, which they are calling end bumpers. I am assuming these will need to be glued on to the channel seal. The part seems to be made in the USA by Steele, I ordered from RTRW, they seem to be very friendly and helpful. I hope this reduces frustration for anyone else that needs to replace these. Peter Hoemsen ROA #6910
  12. Here in Saskatchewan, we are in the midst of a record setting cold spell. " Prince Albert broke a -42.8 C record that was set in 1899, with a new record of -44.8. Coronach was the coldest place in the province, setting a new weather record of -46.5 C. That broke a record of -41 C set in 1994 " Even though it is a record, we are not unaccustomed to frigid temperatures. We dress warmly when we go out to shovel the latest 6" dump of snow! -40 degress Celsius is equal to 40 below fahrenheit. This is a picture of my truck thermometer last week - Cheers! Peter Hoemsen ROA # 6910 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada
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