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  1. Hi All, Pulling both outer fenders off my '65 and replacing with new from another '65 (after strip/seal/paint). Any tips or tricks before I get started? Upper bumper is off. Lower bumper needs to come off. I'm a little unsure about the clamshell assembly... Hoping the bolt locations aren't a mystery as I may have misplaced my body manual... Thanks, David
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know the proper name and where I might source what I will call the 'upper front bumper bracket mounting plate'? Included below is the photo of my bent one that needs replacement. The black writing is the letter' "P" (passenger side) for orientation and that side faces the engine while the other side faces the interior of the upper front bumper. They attach to the bracket arms that in turn attach to the frame just below and to the side of the radiator. They essentially 'hug and hold" the upper front bumper in place. I've been searching high and low w
  3. Hi All. I'm replacing my driver side primary glass on my '65 and want to clean, lube, and freshen up everything while I have the door skin off. I noticed these rubber gaskets are very thinned and likely need replacing (see photos). They are found where the base of the glass meets the horizontal lifting points. I have no idea what they are called so sourcing new ones is a little challenging. If they are verging on "unobtainium" or crazy expensive what do folks think of using silicone rubber tape cut to size? I assume the primary goal is grip and glass vibration control, which it seems the rubbe
  4. Thanks Verde. Surprised not one 1st Gen Rivi was there. I will keep trying then. I was of the impression that the ‘65 fenders were unique to the year but maybe I’m wrong?
  5. Thanks RRD. I’m just recently part of a couple Riviera groups on FaceBook. You’re right on the parts. I did find a couple leads there pretty quick. One didn’t pan out and the other is TBD in a week. Fingers crossed.
  6. $200-$300 depending on condition seems to be the going rate plus shipping.
  7. Refreshing this. Hoping one option comes through in CA but won't know for a week as his uncle may buy the lot. Hard to beat out family. Apparently Larry Daisy has some now but they are twice the cost of everything else I've seen, so reserving that for last option. So...still looking for straight '65 fenders on the West Coast with no bondo. Thanks all.
  8. Bill - I just PM'd you. I'll take it if it hasn't been sold already. I just need to find a quality outer passenger fender to attach it to!
  9. Morning Gentlemen, I'm still in the market for outer fenders - both passenger and driver side - for my '65 Riv base model. Straight with as little rust possible, ideally. Prefer West Coast as I am in Seattle and shipping costs can be a back breaker. I appreciate any and all leads. I've tried Larry Daisy and he's all out. Tried Mario in SoCal and he's either out or does not respond. All American Classics in Vancouver, WA is checking. Tried Tim in California and he seemed...irritated...that I would ask. So the search continues. Thank You! Davi
  10. I was making progress with Mario on the right passenger fender but he went dark on me and is no longer responding. Disappointing.
  11. Gene, wow! That's quite an impressive collection you've got there. Maybe we can talk about an upper front bumper as well? I'll do some research on the shipping. I know they will want dimensions. From your experience, how big is a pair of fenders boxed up?
  12. Quite a bit of patchwork needed for these. More than I'm willing to take on. Thank you for keeping an eye out, Ed!
  13. Thanks Ed. I’ll check it out first thing in the morning. These fenders have been TOUGH to find.
  14. Bingo. After the penetrating oil failed to do the job, I was able to move the rubber bumper enough to expose the bolt threads. Reciprocating blade might light work of it. Thanks Ed!
  15. Thanks Turbinator. Good thoughts. I'm hoping to explore less destructive options before going to the reciprocating saw.
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