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  1. Question on price... If you would share... I've had some wild pricing for plating.. very happy with some plating I've had done except for the cost... Thanks Lenny
  2. Definately a scam. If you don't mind paying 20 bucks to find out, you can go on line to an identity finder site. Put in the name and address. If there is a hit, you can buy a full report on the person. Scary detailed.... If the person doesn't come back at all you have your answer without spending the money.
  3. Properly prepped frame being sprayed with POR 15
  4. Seems like there is a lot of misinformation on what POR 15 actually is. First it does not react to rust, it dries in the presence of moisture and forms a seal to keep the ingredients needed for metal deterioration to continue. Effectively moisture is a catalyst similar to how a two part automotive Urethane works. It is far superior at holding out moisture than a single part primer and Rust-Oleum the same that a modern two part urethane paint is far superior to an old air dry enamel. One note. POR 15 contains iso- cyonates. You need to use a respirator when using with plenty of ventilation and should use a supplied air type. I spray por 15 after properly prepping the metal, just like any other paint product. The final product is only as good as the prep.
  5. Looking for a good ring and pinion gear for a 1927 Buick Standard 120 wheelbase. Will buy complete rear end as well as long as ring and pinion are good. Thanks! Lenny
  6. Thanks Mark, unfortunately I need both and since they wear together it's in impossible match. Do appreciate however!!!
  7. Well I am back on the hunt for a ring and pinion gear or complete rear end complete. Thought we had a set but it turns out they are mis-matched. Any leads appreciated.
  8. Hugh the car is just outstanding. That and the incredible documentation. I am terrible about even posting pictures along the way on my 27. One question. Engine paint color. All the same or coordinated with car color? Take care! Lenny
  9. Hugh while slightly different may have interest for my 27. Do you know cost?
  10. And as the story goes.... They always stop driving them and shove them in the barn for a reason.... I just found the reason for mine...
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