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  1. Dave, If it's not already cracking it's likely an enamel paint unless it's always been climate controlled. PPG Deltron was pretty common back. All are acrylic enamal. Keep it out of the sun as much as you can, keep a good coat of wax on it and it should look beautiful 30 years from now. Sun and temp extremes are the killer.
  2. More photos. The engines apart. Have the cylinders honed. In good shape and won't need to be bored. Valve grind is done now just waiting on springs. Crankshaft block and rods on thier way to Hart's Machine in the AM for a little Babbitt work....
  3. Does anyone know a possible source for valve springs. I have a broken inner spring... Thanks for the help... Lenny
  4. Always love the added info here. We will hone the cylinders to start and as of right now it looks like we have the tolerance to reuse the Pistons. If not we will have a new set made. Already made the decision I'm not going to try to retrofit something else. Do it right. Do it once. I have another post with the car under restoration. My goal when done is to have a real original driver that is as reliable as possible for 1927 vintage. I am going to contact the resources contributed and hopefully I'll find the rings!
  5. Hello everyone. Can anyone provide a source? Thanks! Lenny
  6. I have just one door piller that needs repair. The rest is in good shape. I understand on the wood, I used to restore antique boats.......
  7. More work this weekend. Frame is almost stripped and engine is coming apart. Best part about this project is getting to do it with my son. He's 22 and already a great mechanic. Love he's into the old stuff too.
  8. Thanks Hugh very helpful. Platers are getting harder to find. I've got one near Columbus and he quotes 4k just to do it and it's actually in good condition...