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  1. From the album: Deering Estate Car Show February 2017

    Deering Estate Palmetto Bay, FL.
  2. I was going to tell her the same thing but what the heck.... we are going to die and that freaking massive 54 Buick bumper will remain the same
  3. I'm beginning to know you guys, that makes two of us
  4. That is a nice car. I'm in the process to start my 50 model 50. I glanced at something in "cars" but would be attentative to any answers here.
  5. I thought Mr. EmTee was the Buickpedia here. Mr. Earl you don't count.. you are an administrator. You must be old and know too much. Oh boy, there is a ton of knowledge on this forum. Hats off to you gentlemen!
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