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  1. Paul is right on the money. 1929 130. 12 spokes. 10 on 135 and 137. - Mike
  2. You can run the block number, but otherwise you can tell by the transmission cover
  3. To be honest, putting a stick in the gas tank to check might be easier!
  4. Resistance for the gauge should be between the ignition switch and gauge. - Mike
  5. The car appears to be rather cobbled together. It has a Series 11A dashboard (25/26) and headlights, however it has 1927 headlight lenses. A 29 bumper. I beleive its mainly a 1926 Series 11A based on late type starter and generator. - Mike
  6. They called the series 12 a mile a minute car. If you know what you're doing, the car can handle it. To all the haters, It's true!!
  7. Hello, I am wondering where I can acquire a complete set of fender bases and mirrors for the series 12b. And possibly curtains. Thank you very much, M. Whitehead
  8. Can you put a 135 (left hand) handbrake in a 1929 130? The 130 had the handbrake on the other side of the transmission. So the question, can you put a left hand one in? How hard is it? The reason being, is putting in a Detroit 4 speed. Thanks, M. Whitehead
  9. Hello, What is the best transmission to be used in place of 1929 Detroit three speed on the 130? Providing hand brake location. The 1932 t81, because of the 2nd to 3rd syncromesh? Or the 1931 t77, because of the compound low (1st) gear? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Trust me it was a HUGE pain on the later downdrafts, because you had to take the intake manifold off .all you could do is drop the tube down. You couldn't remove it because of the fire wall. Where as I think you can take the tube out of the car on the S10.
  11. Hi Art. The easiest way to do this is to remove the spark plug wire tube. Take it out by removing the floor boards, and pulling it back.Put the spark tube on a bench or in a vice for this. Attach wire or string to the distributor end of the old wire in the tube. Pull the old wires out. (String or wire through each hole). Put a light Coat of Baby powder in the inside of the tube, or along the new wires. Get rid of the escutcheons. Those go on last. Tie the string or wire, (I used wire) to the spark cables, then wrap the tied ends in electrical tape. Then simply pull each one through, pull 123456 in a bit, and then pull them all through at once. Take off the string and tape. I think you can buy escutcheons from the club. Use Packard spark cables from Restoration Supply. Hope this was Helpful, and I hope to see you in Bakersfield. Happy New Year, Michael Whitehead