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  1. Frank, if you wish you can bring the engine to me in San Diego. I have a great machine shop here that can bore cylinders and do the bottom end machining. Message me if you're interested
  2. Paul is right on the money. 1929 130. 12 spokes. 10 on 135 and 137. - Mike
  3. You can run the block number, but otherwise you can tell by the transmission cover
  4. To be honest, putting a stick in the gas tank to check might be easier!
  5. Resistance for the gauge should be between the ignition switch and gauge. - Mike
  6. The car appears to be rather cobbled together. It has a Series 11A dashboard (25/26) and headlights, however it has 1927 headlight lenses. A 29 bumper. I beleive its mainly a 1926 Series 11A based on late type starter and generator. - Mike
  7. They called the series 12 a mile a minute car. If you know what you're doing, the car can handle it. To all the haters, It's true!!
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