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  1. Please send me pics and additional info on your 12A project RKAJFASZ@FRONTIER.COM or RKAJFASZ @ADVCIRCUIT.COM (work, always here) or give me call 585-329-4809 Thanks Bob
  2. I have used the Caswell epoxy system 5 times now. The last tank I did sat for 16 years full of gas (ugly), the key is do a good job cleaning the tank out, after draining I put in a few quarts of good solvent and let it sit overnight, then a long cleaning with a pressure washer and strong detergent, flush it out till only clear water is coming out. Blow dry (oil free) compressed air through it overnight at about 5 PSI. Coat the tank per instructions, I have had excellent results, would never consider a single component system again (had a bad experience once). Its a bit expensive, like $80 on EBAY, but well worth it.
  3. I was hoping someone would know: 1- The resistance of the tank sending unit when empty 2- The resistance of the tank sending unit when full as measured on the driver side terminal block, with the two wires that go the instrument gauge disconnected (just looking for the range of the sending unit). When I dropped the tank to clean it out (a job I hate), I discovered the sending unit was missing. I have a few of the instrument gas gauges, but not sure if there any good. Im going to try and get a gauge & sending unit set up and functioning on the bench before installing in the car (the gauges were made by Nagel) Thanks Bob K
  5. If the delicate aluminum drum (with the speed printed on it) gets distorted in any way by improper handling, the thing won't work (I have three like this). Im surprised there's not an expert who repairs these, thought they were used in a lot of higher end cars, not just Franklins. I think 1928 was the last year they were used.
  6. Does anyone repair Waltham Tesla air friction speedometers ?, application is a 1928 Franklin
  7. My son took me for a ride in his 24 Reo coupe on a beautiful Easter morning, this is the first time this car has been on the road in about 50 years, starts easy and runs great
  8. I have a 4 cylinder Kellogg air pump Model 4F with gears and lever on display in my office, looks close to your photo, contact me if you wish I can send photos ( I think my son also has a 2nd one), I always thought it was an early air starter Bob 585-329-4809
  9. I had the same problem on my 37 Lafayette, drove me nuts, after 15 years the sealer came off in sheets and plugged the fuel line. Took the tank out, drained it, filled it with a few pounds of small rocks and pressure washed the inside for about an hour till it was all loose, blow air in it till its dry (like 24 hrs), make sure the inside is clean ( use a flashlight & inspection mirror). I then coated the inside of the tank with Caswell epoxy tank sealer (the stuff is great), that was about six years ago, have since used the process on my Franklin and my sons Reo. The stuffs expensive but worth it.
  10. Steve How are the jugs modified (holes drilled or more to it ) and whats different with the pistons ? Bob
  11. Scott The gear is for the mutual friend, he is not an internet guy, I thought I would try to help him out, he showed up at the Franklin Trek looking for some parts, all my stuff is Series 12 Thanks Bob K 585-329-4809
  12. Contact number for the gear 585-329-4809 Thanks Bob
  13. Im looking for an ignition gear for a 1922 Franklin, the one thats on the bottom of the distributor Thanks Bob K
  14. Clarification, this pad is located on the firewall facing the cabin interior Bob
  15. What modern material can be used to fabricate a replacement engine firewall insulation pad that has a look close to the original ? The application is a 1930 REO. Thanks Bob K
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