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  1. The OD is 16” and the ID is 14”. I cleaned the drum up some and it does have some minor scoring which I hope you can see in the new photo.
  2. I will clean it up to do a better inspection.
  3. Thanks for the ID on the wheel. I had my 12 year old grandson research it as a little project and he also said it was from a 1929 so I guess I will use his expertise in the future also. Do you know the fair market value of it?
  4. Found this Franklin wheel at a local flea market a couple months ago. It is in very good condition with no obvious damage and only minor surface rust on the metal rim/drum. It looks to have been painted red on the rims with the spokes painted black. Not sure what year or model it’s from or its value. I just want it to go to a good home where it can be utilized on the rare Franklin automobile.
  5. I was perusing the local flea market a couple months ago and came across a Franklin wooden spoke wheel with steel hub/brake drum in very good condition. The paint is wore off but it looked like the rim was red and the spokes black at one time. There is only minor surface rust on it and the spokes seem to be very solid and the drum does not have any readily visible damage. I have included some photos so you have a reference to possibly identify what year it came from. If anyone is interested in it please let me know. I am a car guy myself who grew up in the Buffalo area before joining the Air F
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