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  1. Have a 65 comet looking for a replacement radiator. Looking for suggestions.
  2. I just found out about this meet. Am hopeful to attend and see old friends.
  3. It was a nice show with some great cars on display. Thank you to the Kayana regions tireless efforts.
  4. I was going to get a recomendation for places to eat at the hotel. Once we arrive and unload, will prolly leave the truck and trailer hooked up for the night. If we decide to grab a bite away from the Expo , then will probly use Uber.
  5. The Louisville AAA team plays in the stadium that is part of the expo center.
  6. Just received my trailer parking pass, #493. I wonder if that is an indication of the numbers we will see in a few weeks ?
  7. I hope they got the numbers for this event. Looks to be a great venue . Am going to attend a ball game Friday night after my first Judging school. Looking forward to the show.
  8. I still have mine. I totally had forgotten its up in the attic. I also have the Texaco Fire Engine, custom van, dump truck and a few others.
  9. Great restoration with no shortcuts. This beetle is shaping up to be a very nice classic. Look forward to more updates.
  10. I may be attending this event with some fellow members from the Jackson MS area. Looks to be a nice event.
  11. I'm really looking forward to attending this event. This will be my second AACA event and was very pleased that I was able to make the first in Tennessee last year. Won a First Junior.
  12. I have my hotel booked and registration went int he mail last week. This looks to be a great event . Excited to attend my second AACA event.
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