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  1. Hi Bob Did you find rear fenders for your pickup, if you any old damaged fender to make a jig I may be able to make a set of fenders for you, i have making fenders for 1932 Plymouth's for years, all steel 18 GA. this is a set of fenders made.
  2. Hi Dale Sorry for the delay in returning your email, I'm sure I can help you. give me a call 760-780-2063
  3. Are you still looking for this part, lf you are I can make you replacement part.
  4. I have door sill available for 1932 Plymouth, BP, PA and Sedans Made from 20GA steel. BP Coupes set of 2 - $200.00 PA coupes set of 2 - $250.00 Sedans set of 4 - $250.00 All are + freight
  5. I have a set of all steel fenders that I made for my 1932 Plymouth coupe, original width 18GA cold roll steel, I made myself a new set 3" wider to accommodate larger tires. The fenders have a steel support wire rolled in the reveal. The set of fenders $1800.00 + freight
  6. This radiator needs a little help, one side needs to be resoldered. $100.00 + shipping
  7. 1932 Plymouth Door Sill Plates 20GA Steel I have set made-up for Coupes, Sendans and PA models. Coupes set of 2. $200.00 Sendans set of 4. $250.00 PA models set of 2. 250.00 All are plus freight.
  8. Hi jon I'm assuming that the tubing collapsed when you try to bend it, two things that my help. pack the tube with fine sand or slide a small spring over the tube, or you could try both at the same time. good luck Mel
  9. I'll need your good fender to make a reverse jig to make them identical cope. My email address, Thanks Mel
  10. Hi, If can't find a fender for your car I can make one for from 18 Ga steel. Good Luck Mel ( )
  11. Yes I'm still at it, as long as I enjoy it, I'll keep making fenders and body parts. Good luck with your new shop. Mel
  12. Yes they fit coupe's, if you need more photos let me know. thanks Mel
  13. I have been making all steel rear fender's that fit 1932 Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto for over 6 years. I have made fender's with original and custom width up to 3", made from 18Ga cold roll steel. My first set ( for my coupe ) I made from 12 Ga steel, but after making wider fender's I liked the look so mush I decided to make me a new set 3" wider to accommodate larger tires. So I'm selling my old set for 1,200.00 + freight.
  14. Are you looking for a dash or a dash cluster, I have a spare dash.
  15. Hi Dave My name is Mel Matheson, I build all shell fenders for 1932 Plymouth, there made from 18Ga steel If would like more information my email is I well send some photos to your email. Thanks Mel