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  1. Looking for a good crankshaft pulley for a 1929 Chevrolet. Part number is 835542 and is cast on the back flange. This part was only used one year.
  2. I believe RIck's Durant is a later model and the wood is not the same.
  3. No drawings or kits available but if this body is same physical size and the M-2 or model 40 then same roof could be made. Check photos of a 1928 M-2 I am re-wooding on Facebbok page "Automotive Wood Bodies". Judging by the sag in the body you probably need a floor as well.
  4. Cabnut

    29 Ply

    I have one. Its a 635W. $100 US plus shipping.
  5. Pictures would help. See handles all the time but do not know what fits what.
  6. Part for Chev carbs was different and not suitable for the Plymouth carb.
  7. How about having the inside powder coated. I believe not much attacks that.
  8. Thank you sir. I had homed in on REO but could not nail down specific year and application. Best regards.
  9. I found a North East distributor and wondering if anyone knows it's application. Model designation is "T" and the type # is 10560. It is a six cylinder distributor and uses cap #10374-S and rotor # 10197-A. Looks almost mint inside and seems complete. Looks like it mounts to a generator.
  10. How is your project coming along?
  11. I believe the model 215 was used on many of these but 215-U would probably fit a specific make and years, for example a 215-N fits 1926 Star model R.
  12. Slowly sifting through my dad's collection of parts. I found this pair of visor brackets. Anyone recognize?
  13. Found a model 215-U Stewart vacuum Fuel tank among my dad's parts collection. Anyone know it's application? Regards
  14. Interested to know what this may be from. Possibly someone needs it.
  15. This vacuum motor fits 1928 to 1930 Chevrolet (quite possibly several other makes as well). 1931 had the switch on the unit controlled by a rod from inside.