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  1. need rear fenders for my 1939 Plymouth pick up I think Dodge used the fenders thanks Bob B
  2. looking for both rear fenders for my 1939 Plymouth pickup I am told Dodge used the same fender thanks Bob B
  3. need rear fenders for my 1939 Plymouth pickup thanks Bob B I am in Michigan
  4. Bob Baumgarten


    wanted to buy rear fenders for my 1939 Plymouth pickup I think Dodge had the same fender from 39-1947 thanks Bob B
  5. looking for the Plymouth script for my 1939 Plymouth pickup they go on the front just above the grille there is one on each side thanks Bob B
  6. I lost the personal message from someone who may have the tie rod ends I need donot know how find it please send another if possible thanks Bob B
  7. I need both tie rod ends for my 1939 Plymouth pickup I think they may the same as Dodge hoping to find NOS ones thanks Bob B
  8. I want to restore my 1939 Plymouth pickup my question is what all do I need to do to change it to 12v I want to do this so I can pull my small trailer with 12v lights thanks Bob B
  9. I have a chance to buy a 39 Plymouth pickup are parts hard to find ? it needs a tailgate and rear fenders and also a lot of TLC thanks Bob B
  10. I googled the GM part no and found a picture of one thanks BobB
  11. looking to buy a safety reflector they were a GM accessory in the 40s and 50s GM part NO 985223 I think the part no is correct thanks Bob B
  12. I believe they were made in Gaylord Michigan thanks Bob B
  13. I have guide 2025 fog lights 6 volt sealed beam 5 inch need replacement sealed beam bulbs does anyone know if they are available thanks Bob B
  14. secured a room for the fall auburn auction and swap would like to know what to expect is there enough there for two days thanks Bob B