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  1. thanks for all the imput and good information Bob B
  2. working on a 1939 Dodge ton and a half truck the distributor has no vacuume advance does it need one ???? thanks Bob B
  3. looking to find the proper water temp on my 39 Plymouth pickup with new water pump and new alum radiator my run at or near 200 is that normal ? thanks Bob B
  4. I have the same problem on my 39 Plymouth pickup good information thanks Bob B
  5. I was able to find rough fenders to make whole ones that will work with a lot of welding and TLC thanks Bob B
  6. found one on E bay thanks Bob B
  7. need to find an oil filter for my 39 Plymouth pick up does any one know where I can find one the one I took out is a Montgomery Wards 61-8701 thanks for any help Bob B
  8. looking for an oil filter for my 39 Plymouth pickup the one that was in it was a Montgomery Wards number 61-8701 I can not find a replacement thanks Bob B
  9. thanks I will give that a try
  10. want to hook up my fuel gauge on my 39 pickup gauge has 3 terminals on it need to know where they go one is marked ign switch other ones I do not know? thanks Bob B
  11. need rear fenders for my 1939 Plymouth pickup I think Dodge used the same fender I plan on going to Hershey thanks Bob B
  12. needed rear fenders for my 1939 Plymouth pickup dodge used the same until 1947 also would be interested if someone had fronts and rears thanks Bob B
  13. ok reproduction would be fine thanks Bob B
  14. wanted to buy a windshield regulator for my 1939 pick up thanks Bob B
  15. looking for a wiring diagram for my 1939 Plymouth pickup I think Dodge would be the same thanks Bob B