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  1. mreilly44

    Lincoln and Mercury accessories from 1978

    @Gary_Ash Here you go.
  2. We've slashed some prices this year. All $10 items have been moved to the $5 area and the $2 items are now $1. Watch the video below for a sneak preview.
  3. It's Spring cleaning time and The AACA Library is having a 50% off sale for most of its Buy It Now items in its ebay store. There are close to 3,000 items in this sale including photos, books, sales literature, shop manuals, and more. Auction format items are not included in this sale.
  4. mreilly44

    Can Papa Beetle’s children stand the test of time?

    The Golfs/Rabbits are still being made as well. The Passat was called the Dasher in the US back then and that is still going strong as well.
  5. mreilly44

    Packard ad from 1948

    We try. Thanks for appreciating it.
  6. mreilly44

    digital living library

    That's good news. Just to let you know though the library is open Monday-Saturday 8-4pm (we're closed on Sundays) We will be closed for the next few Saturdays though due to the holiday season. Check our website, facebook page, or give us a call (717-534-2082) ahead of time to make sure we will be open on a Saturday.
  7. mreilly44

    digital living library

    This idea is very similar to how wikipedia and other wiki's work. For as much gripes as wikipedia gets for not being a trustworthy source because of public submissions, there are a bunch of checks and balances within their system and incorrect facts get replaced usually within minutes. It may not ever replace a hard line reference, but it is a great starting point for research.
  8. mreilly44

    R.I.P Cars and Parts

    Hey Richard, we have a copy in the AACA library. I've attached a pdf of the article here for you. Enjoy. Cars & Parts 2010 May - Last Squarebird.pdf
  9. Do you have any old suits to donate? Our video budget is very low, ha.
  10. mreilly44

    1928 Pontiac serial / VIN location? Help needed.

    The Standard Catalog of American Cars states that "(For 1928 Pontiacs) Serial numbers were on the right side of the rear frame cross-member or on the frame under the left front fender. Starting: 204001-28. Ending: 334005-28. Motor numbers were on the left side of the crank case or near the left front corner of the block. Starting: 220001. Ending: P376340 (apporximate). All cars built in Pontiac, Mich." For 1928.5 Pontiacs - "serial numbers were on the rear frame cross-member or under the left front fender. Starting: 334006. Ending: 410100. Engine numbers were on the left side of the crank case or near the left front corner of the block. Starting: P376341. Ending: P461000 (apporximate). All cars built in Pontiac, Mich."
  11. mreilly44

    GIGANTIC AACA Library Literature Sale-HERSHEY!

    New promotional video for our Yard Sale. This year we parodied the new jumanji movie trailer out later this year. Hope to see everybody there.
  12. mreilly44

    Some excerpts from a 1932 Essex Terraplane catalog

    This particular item is part of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Historic Society collection. We cataloged the items as they were filed and given to us. We will have to check with them about the dating of this particular piece. Thanks.
  13. mreilly44

    Clarion Car Audio - 1988 ad

    Eh, yes and no. Clarion is mostly an aftermarket stereo company but it has been used in cars from the factory. While this is mostly import models, Ford has used them over the years too. Another thing of note is that our blog is catered towards more of the car culture crowd than historians as Tumblr has a younger demographic and we're just trying to build awareness of the club through that avenue. The Tumblr blog is just automatically posted here on the forums through its RSS Feed as to provide some daily content that might not be seen by the crowd here on the forums. So while this ad may not be exactly for a factory marque we think it still fits our purpose for the blog.
  14. Last February we started a crowdfunding venture to raise money so we could build a version of the 16mm kinograph film scanner for our library. After many months of building and tweaking we finished it up Mike's Movie Machine shortly after the new year. To see how it works and find out how we put the whole thing together, we ask that you watch the ~15 minute video about our journey. We would like to once again thank everyone that has helped or donated to this project over the last year or so. Let us know what you think about it. Give us some likes and shares to get the word out about this great project that we've been chugging along at. Thanks.
  15. Round 1 had some great match ups and you can view our recap in the video on our facebook page or view it below. While you're there, go ahead and like the library page on facebook if you haven't already. You can vote for Round 2 match ups here. Voting will Close on Thursday March 30 at 11:59 PM. This is all meant to be good clean fun and promote the library. If you haven't read one or any of these books it is ok to just pick the subject you like better, or the cover you like better, or the author, or whatever.