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  1. A more in depth preview video will be available once everything gets set up, but until then you can watch Jason Aston Murder show off some of the items that will be in the yard sale via the AACA Home Shopping Network.
  2. Thanks @John_S_in_Penna Your books are packed up and ready to be picked up by the mail man.
  3. Hi @sebastienbuick the other National Lampoon's "Vacation" movies are European Vacation, Christmas Vacation, and Vegas Vacation. None of those are really car/travel heavy, with exception to European Vacation where they trek across Europe. They are all very funny though, if you enjoyed the humor of the other two you've watched. Canonball Run is another fun movie. Grand Theft Auto is another one with Ron Howard. The Outsiders was adapted from a book but features the fifties culture, but not too much on the cars, but it might strike your fancy.
  4. @Terry Bond We do not have the Turkey Red Cards. We do have a set of Abdulla cigarette cards though.
  5. We have an almost complete set of the 1953 Bowman Antique Autos series of trading cards. They are a really neat set of cards that have illustrations on the front and a 3D illustration on the back to be used with red/blue 3D glasses, see examples attached. We are missing the following: 9 - Gaeth, 10 - Alco, 11 - Chadwick Racer, 18 - Lancia, and our number 19 - Benz Racer is damaged. If anybody has these missing cards and would like to donate them we would greatly appreciate your help in completing our set. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that. This photo was in the 1941 file and I was more curious about the guy to really look into whether it was the right year or not. We will re-file this in its correct place.
  7. We have this photo in the library of a 1941 Lincoln Continental and the reverse is stamped "courtesy Paramount Studios" and we were wondering who the guy is. Possible actor?
  8. We've slashed some prices this year. All $10 items have been moved to the $5 area and the $2 items are now $1. Watch the video below for a sneak preview.
  9. It's Spring cleaning time and The AACA Library is having a 50% off sale for most of its Buy It Now items in its ebay store. There are close to 3,000 items in this sale including photos, books, sales literature, shop manuals, and more. Auction format items are not included in this sale.
  10. The Golfs/Rabbits are still being made as well. The Passat was called the Dasher in the US back then and that is still going strong as well.
  11. That's good news. Just to let you know though the library is open Monday-Saturday 8-4pm (we're closed on Sundays) We will be closed for the next few Saturdays though due to the holiday season. Check our website, facebook page, or give us a call (717-534-2082) ahead of time to make sure we will be open on a Saturday.
  12. This idea is very similar to how wikipedia and other wiki's work. For as much gripes as wikipedia gets for not being a trustworthy source because of public submissions, there are a bunch of checks and balances within their system and incorrect facts get replaced usually within minutes. It may not ever replace a hard line reference, but it is a great starting point for research.
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