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  1. If you live near the midwest you should bring your Corvair and Subaru to the Air Cooled Meet at the Gilmore Car Museum next year (every year) on the Saturday before Father's Day. This show is put on by the H H Franklin Club who have their museum - the Franklin Automobile Collection at Hickory Corners - at the Gilmore Car Museum. :-) Roger
  2. Yes it's a 1921 Holmes. I spoke with the "owner", but I think I actually spoke to the owner's grandson - he mentioned his grandfather has 2 Holmes cars. For those with Facebook you can see a few more pictures of it on my Facebook page here. The Holmes Company was founded in 1921 by the former Chief Engineer for the H H Franklin Company. Roger
  3. Hi Everyone I'm in the market to buy another Franklin - something that I can drive to and from more distant events than are comfortable with my Series 11A. Does anyone know of any Series 15 or Series 16 available for sale. Needs to be in at least reasonable condition - I don't mind tinkering, but am not so much into bodywork and upholstery. Thanks Roger
  4. Todd - this sounds like exactly the scenario I found myself in a few months ago too on my 1926 Series 11A Sedan. Happy to find that the bearing clearances seemed good, and the condition of the journals was OK, and the caps, but when I rotated the crank, a top main shell turned out with it - but it was only half of the shell - broken across the oiling groove cut in it. I checked another one, and it came out in 3 pieces, with some missing too. I have a spare engine that I'm going to pull apart and see what's in it, but it's looking like I'll have to have new main bearing shells poured and line bored to fix this. Roger
  5. Just to update this thread - the car has been delisted on Craig's List Roger
  7. Whatever you do with Dot 3 v Dot 5 - DO NOT mix the two - that creates a ghastly gelatinous mess. Roger
  8. I didn’t buy it last week - guess I didn’t offer them enough for it. Roger
  9. Do you know what model the rear lock fits? I'm looking for one for my 1926 Series 11A. I have an Oakes lock already, just missing the lock housing. The clamp is #32590 Roger
  10. Mine came to zip code 49316 on 28 May Roger
  11. theKiwi

    oe-1 carb part

    If it's not the screw @PFitz mentions, then this guy will have it. He also sells viton tipped needles which don't leak, new seats, and other parts Roger
  12. Is it complete with the brake and clutch pedals, cross shaft and clutch release fork on it?
  13. Thanks for the links to Jerry Greer's Engineering. I've saved them just in case I ever need any more than the 2 spares I currently have. Roger
  14. If you have a spare bracket, I'd be interested in at least the wing nut off it, or the whole bracket - I have two brackets, but am missing one of the wing nuts that lock the sliding parts together to adjust the visor angle. This part here Roger