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  1. and for @29 franklin Yes, this car is on display at the Gilmore Car Museum in the H H Franklin Club Collection. Roger
  2. theKiwi

    1920's Headlamps Please Help

    No, not Franklin 1926-28. I have a 26 Franklin and the lights, while Bausch & Lomb mount with a single mount pin. Roger Roger
  3. theKiwi

    Removing the end caps from a steering link

    If it's brazed just at the end and in a few threads, you might/should be able to get it apart by driving or drilling out the rivet thats through the joint and then heat it up enough to melt the brazing and then unscrew it? Roger
  4. theKiwi

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I guess it's too late now, but it might have been worthwhile measuring around each rim if you closed it before putting the tyre and tube on - see if they were the same circumference between the one you couldn't close with the tyre on, and one that you could close with the tyre on. Roger
  5. theKiwi

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Here's a diagram I found online some time ago when I was looking for instructions on how to use the Rim Tool on my Franklin wheels. The first two diagrams show the labelling of the tool legs and positions on the rim. Putting it back together is a mention in the paragraph about getting it a part - the paragraph that starts with "Second Operation..." Cheers Roger
  6. theKiwi

    Franklin Spotting in Northern CA

    Paul - according to Jim's Facebook page he's not that far along yet - on Saturday 8 September he was in Sun City, Arizona checking and adjusting the end play of the bearing on the rear axle that had been replaced in California, and lamenting that his new tyres put on a month ago (I want to say somewhere in North Dakota?) were wearing out and he'd be replacing the rear ones when he gets to Albuquerque. So he's some way yet from Louisiana... Roger
  7. theKiwi

    Custom Carpet for 11B

    I made a rubber mat for my Series 11A from this roll I bought at Amazon Roger
  8. theKiwi

    1930 Franklin Dietrich Speedster

    More photos of this car are on the H H Franklin website here and I have even more not published that I took a few weeks ago when the car was to be listed. Roger
  9. theKiwi

    1930 Dietrich Speedster

    More photos are here, and if you need even more, I have others I took of the car a few weeks ago. Roger
  10. theKiwi

    Franklin Service Charts

    Thanks Steve - I've sent Joe an eMail :-) Roger
  11. theKiwi

    Vacuum tank problems

    Who did you have rebuild it? I got mine done by Tim Long 116 Grange Hall Rd Beavercreek OH 45430 (937) 751-7237 over a year ago - it took a few weeks for him to get it done and back to me then. Roger
  12. theKiwi

    Franklin Service Charts

    Yes, I'd absolutely be interested in any/all that cover the 11A which I have one of. I wonder if they can be digitised somehow rather than copied, and then they can be recreated at will? They're perhaps the same size as many of the parts drawings the club already has had digitised and made into PDF files You said they're 21" x 30", so could be copied pretty well with any decent (20 or more megapixels) digital camera these days if you could get the charts laid flat and a camera set steady enough exactly square to the charts from sufficient height. (e.g. my wife's Nikon D3300 is 24MP - 6,000 x 4,000 so that comes out at 200 pixels per inch along the long side, or just under that on the short side.) Where are you located Gary? I think the Grand Rapids Public Library has a decent photographing/copying setup for large documents that I might be able to get access to if you're anywhere near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Roger
  13. theKiwi

    Franklin Service Charts

    I'd be interested in seeing anything you have about Series 11A - this is the first I'm hearing about "service charts". Roger
  14. theKiwi

    Can you help me?

    That's a beautiful looking car!!!!! Yes, join the H H Franklin Club - it has a wealth of information about these cars, including almost all of the original factory drawings available online. Welcome Roger
  15. theKiwi

    1925 11A gear shift

    Take a look at this thread where this was discussed already, and I posted a picture or two Roger