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  1. I bought one a while ago from the Franklin Club for a few dollars. Roger
  2. Here is the Series 12 Clutch disc #35218
  3. No, the Series 11 clutch has rubber discs in the middle of it. #32834 Roger
  4. What is the word above "CP 135" as shown in the second photo - can you make out the whole word on the actual clutch disc? Roger
  5. Thanks - I've sent them an eMail with the image in it. From their website it looks like they make raised letter tags. Roger
  6. I'm curious it doesn't have a spring loaded centre in it - the parts listing for 45913 shows a sprung centre - it's for Series 13 through the first 1,000 or so cars of Series 16 in 1932. Did Franklin go away from a sprung centre in the later Series 16 and/or Olympic cars? Roger
  7. Thanks. I’ll contact them and see what they say. Roger
  8. Hi Everyone... I'm wondering if anyone has a set of 3/16" high number punches in a vintage/antique style - I'm looking to have my 1926 Franklin's serial number stamped onto a reproduction Serial Number/instructions plate. The image is a close up of the number on the badly corroded plate showing the height of the space available, and the height of the letters used originally. A friend @PFitz has a set of ¼" punches, but they're actually 9/32" high, so it seems like a set of 3/16" punches might be the right ones to use. Does anyone have a s
  9. No, no danger of them being sucked in - the fan inlet is down way lower than the masks were. Both cars were run with the masks on. Roger PS - masks made by my wife - Lisa Christensen.
  10. Having a COVID-19 safe discussion amongst themselves...
  11. When you say diagonal, are you meaning diameter? Yes, that's probably what I'm going to end up doing since it seems I can't use a spare that would also fit my Franklin. Yes, I've got one of them for my 1926 Franklin - the one I've got at least relies on the 2 rims being the same size as it grabs the rims in 3 places on the rim's inside diameter - so won't work for wheels with a disc centre, or for wheels of dis-similar sizes. One other thought I've had was trying to get some wood spoked wheels of smaller than 19" size - then the car and t
  12. My 6.50 x 19 Franklin wheels are 33" in outer diameter. The distance between the front and rear of the trailer fender is barely more than 33". Roger
  13. Yes, that's the bolt pattern - 6 bolts on 5½" circle. For now I'll pass I think thanks. I have discovered that there are available artillery style wheels like the Mullins originally came with, available in various sizes, but commonly 15" at least, so I might end up going in that direction to get 3 matching wheels, and they'll at least superficially look like the originals would have. Also trying to figure out if Mullins hubcaps will fit either what I've got, or what I might purchase. Roger
  14. Very nice! What size wheels are you running on the trailer? I tried to fit one of my 6.50 x 19 Franklin wheels and couldn't get it up inside the fender because the hub is in the way - and if it did go up it's going to be a very tight fit on the diameter of the wheel. Roger
  15. So perhaps that is what the hubs I have are - it seems from a couple of postings I made on Facebook about the wheels that I might have about 1948-50 ½ ton Chevrolet truck wheels on it - still with the same 6 lugs on a 5½" circle as was used in the 1930s. So I guess I'm looking for one 15" ½ pickup truck wheel to be the spare to what I have, or 3 16" car wheels to be 2 on the trailer and a spare. Thanks for these notes. Yes, I have joined the Mullins Owners Club a few months ago when I bought the trailer, and I also purchased the Robert Parmelee book.
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