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  1. Where is it? I presume that's the crown wheel of it setting on the spring all rusty? And the cover in front of the brake shaft? Roger
  2. Do you mean 2022? 2021 is already cancelled. Roger
  3. The AK stands for Atwater Kent - they made a variety of electrical things for cars in the 1920s at least - maybe earlier and maybe later. Roger
  4. I'm split about this - of course it's sad that there won't be a Trek again this year, but on my upside, it gives me longer to get one or both of my Franklins running, including ready to drive it from Michigan to the Trek in 2022 now. Roger
  5. Just sent $48 to you now. The Series 15 books arrived yesterday - they had been delayed quite a while in the USPS somewhere between Pittsburgh and Detroit. Also - there was a Series 12 book in with the 2 Series 15 books? Roger
  6. Mike - I'll send you $48 by PayPal for one of them. Thanks Roger
  7. I bought an 8 sided socket on Amazon that is a quite good fit, but haven't yet tackled trying to get what seems to be a good unit, complete with level needle and the handle that is in a spare tank I have. Roger
  8. I've sent you a message with his phone number and eMail address Roger
  9. Are you a member of the H H Franklin Club? You can find him in the directory in Rochester, New York. Roger
  10. The round item on the right - presumably you mean the bottom of the picture? That's the air cleaner The big silver wrench is for the hubcaps. The two tube sockets are for whatever they fit on the car. Roger
  11. Yes, I have one of them - they are made by Dick Gaskell's son and available through Dick Gaskell. They do not have the pinch bolt to securely clamp them to the hub - they have a machined thread in them. I haven't used mine yet. Roger
  12. Can you post pictures of the tools you got, then people can tell you what they're for. Roger
  13. I bought one a while ago from the Franklin Club for a few dollars. Roger
  14. Here is the Series 12 Clutch disc #35218
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