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  1. @PFitz - this is interesting!!! My 153 Coupe is almost devoid of wiring, so with a new harness from Rhode Island Wiring it will certainly be worth my while to implement one of these fuse boards. I've looked up under the dash on the car and about the only electrical things I see are: 1 - the coil - is this the original place for it as shown in your photo above, or is it moved there from somewhere else? 2 - a double fuse holder like you show the picture of a single one. The wiring diagram shows a double 30 amp fuse which is for amongst other things the cigar lighters front and rear, and separately a 20 amp fuse relay which seems to feed the lighting switch, and then the junction block on the lower left firewall. Is the 20 amp fuse relay also up under the dash somewhere? (or meant to be?) Thanks! Roger
  2. @mikewest - would you have a crank hole cover for a 1931 Series 15 Deluxe Coupe? Roger
  3. Now that I do have some of - well a different brand, but the same purpose of use on aluminium electrical selectors. Roger
  4. Thanks Paul. Drat - I'd already figured to swap the two lenses on the right side to make them mirror the left side - oh well... The club website says the red lenses are out of stock. I'll contact Keith and see if there are plans afoot to make some more. I was thinking/wondering about putting LED bulbs into these to make them brighter with less current draw - any thoughts on that? Also do you know of a source for the "plugs" that go into the light with the 3 contacts - presumably Rhode Island Wire just supply the new harness with bare wires to the ends? I'd also need to try and get the equivalents for the headlights too if possible. I have a couple, but they're not in great shape. Thanks Roger
  5. Thanks Richard. The lights I have (one on the car on the left and one to go on the right when I get a support for it) each have a white and amber lens in the top half of the light - so a bit different from what you're showing? I assume reversing light and tail light, while the round red one is stop light? Or is the red one tail light and the amber one stop light? BTW - what are the separate red lights on the rear of your car? Roger
  6. @sunnybaba might also consider this "Filter Wrap" - if there's enough space to get it onto the filter - not entirely sure how it fits - it's shown as 7" x 48" so presumably just wraps round and round the filter? Roger
  7. Thanks for all this Paul. I was going to go measure my Series 15 and maybe make a cardboard template to see which of the filters would fit best. There's quite an assortment of filters, both straight and tapered with the 2¼ opening. The RU-0630 sounds good if it's further from the exhaust pipe. And at $44 it's a bit cheaper than some of the others which seem to be around $60. Roger
  8. @mikewest - do you happen to have any of the locks that go in those battery/toolbox doors? I need 2 for my 153 Deluxe Coupe (plus a bunch of other things - I'm working on putting together a list). Roger
  9. Yes, I've finally found a K&N catalogue online and trawled through it - the 3560 is also 2¼" opening like the 0690. The 3560 is a tapered filter, and the 0690 is a straight sided one. Roger
  10. @sunnybaba - thanks. My car is a 1931 and I think the carb opening is 2¼", so that rules out the 3560. Thanks Roger
  11. Thanks Gordon - that seems to be a different one than @sunnybaba used - his one is longer than it is wide by the look of the photos, while the RU-0690 is 3½ inches tall and 5½ inches wide. Roger
  12. Do you happen to remember what the part number of that filter is? What is the diameter of the "flange" that goes over the carburettor? Roger
  13. theKiwi

    Franklin Treks

    And in addition: The Spring 2020 Midwest Meet has been postponed until 17-18 June 2021 The 2020 Air Cooled Gathering has been postponed until the weekend of 22/23 August 2020 - it will be on either Saturday 22 August or Sunday 23 August - a decision on this is forthcoming. Roger