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  1. The round item on the right - presumably you mean the bottom of the picture? That's the air cleaner The big silver wrench is for the hubcaps. The two tube sockets are for whatever they fit on the car. Roger
  2. Yes, I have one of them - they are made by Dick Gaskell's son and available through Dick Gaskell. They do not have the pinch bolt to securely clamp them to the hub - they have a machined thread in them. I haven't used mine yet. Roger
  3. Can you post pictures of the tools you got, then people can tell you what they're for. Roger
  4. Any thoughts yet on the price of them? Thanks Roger
  5. I bought one a while ago from the Franklin Club for a few dollars. Roger
  6. Here is the Series 12 Clutch disc #35218
  7. No, the Series 11 clutch has rubber discs in the middle of it. #32834 Roger
  8. What is the word above "CP 135" as shown in the second photo - can you make out the whole word on the actual clutch disc? Roger
  9. Thanks - I've sent them an eMail with the image in it. From their website it looks like they make raised letter tags. Roger
  10. I'm curious it doesn't have a spring loaded centre in it - the parts listing for 45913 shows a sprung centre - it's for Series 13 through the first 1,000 or so cars of Series 16 in 1932. Did Franklin go away from a sprung centre in the later Series 16 and/or Olympic cars? Roger
  11. Thanks. I’ll contact them and see what they say. Roger
  12. Hi Everyone... I'm wondering if anyone has a set of 3/16" high number punches in a vintage/antique style - I'm looking to have my 1926 Franklin's serial number stamped onto a reproduction Serial Number/instructions plate. The image is a close up of the number on the badly corroded plate showing the height of the space available, and the height of the letters used originally. A friend @PFitz has a set of ¼" punches, but they're actually 9/32" high, so it seems like a set of 3/16" punches might be the right ones to use. Does anyone have a s
  13. No, no danger of them being sucked in - the fan inlet is down way lower than the masks were. Both cars were run with the masks on. Roger PS - masks made by my wife - Lisa Christensen.
  14. Having a COVID-19 safe discussion amongst themselves...
  15. When you say diagonal, are you meaning diameter? Yes, that's probably what I'm going to end up doing since it seems I can't use a spare that would also fit my Franklin. Yes, I've got one of them for my 1926 Franklin - the one I've got at least relies on the 2 rims being the same size as it grabs the rims in 3 places on the rim's inside diameter - so won't work for wheels with a disc centre, or for wheels of dis-similar sizes. One other thought I've had was trying to get some wood spoked wheels of smaller than 19" size - then the car and t
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