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  1. Do as Paul suggests---just remember you are driving 50's technology. My '56 Thunderbird does not handle anything like a modern car. Driving a vintage car makes you realize how far automotive technology has advanced in 63 years. Enjoy your '57 Thunderbird!
  2. To answer your original question--I used CALYX Manifold Dressing on the manifolds of my 1956 Thunderbird. I purchased a container from NPD, in preparation for an AACA Meet. It works as advertised, if the application instructions are followed. I have had it on my manifolds since 2015, and they still look great.
  3. Try Thunderbird Fifty Years by Alan H. Tast and David Newhardt. 2004.
  4. Eight Shell-shaped gas stations were originally built in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the late 1930's by Shell distributor Quality Oil Company. The one remaining station survived through the 1980's before it fell into disrepair. It was restored in the late 1990's by a state historic society, Preservation North Carolina.