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  1. QT sells ethanol free gasoline in my area, but it is only 87 octane. I use their 93 octane premium and add to it "Carb Defender" by Driven Racing Oil to protect against the corrosive properties of ethanol. In addition, I use "NO-Rosion Fuel System Octane Booster" to increase the octane and protect the non-hardened valve seats in my '56 Thunderbird. It is a great substitute for the lead that was once in gas. I have been using both products for several years with no problems.
  2. Do as Paul suggests---just remember you are driving 50's technology. My '56 Thunderbird does not handle anything like a modern car. Driving a vintage car makes you realize how far automotive technology has advanced in 63 years. Enjoy your '57 Thunderbird!
  3. To answer your original question--I used CALYX Manifold Dressing on the manifolds of my 1956 Thunderbird. I purchased a container from NPD, in preparation for an AACA Meet. It works as advertised, if the application instructions are followed. I have had it on my manifolds since 2015, and they still look great.
  4. Try Thunderbird Fifty Years by Alan H. Tast and David Newhardt. 2004.