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  1. I found the broken piece of spring at the bottom of the door. I don't know if I can explain it right, but I'll try. After you undo the tabs and insert the new spring you have to clamp the outside f the tab that backs up the spring. The spring pressure is so great that it will push that tab out when getting it back into the slots. You will only get a few tries before that tab is broke It seems like these springs break a lot.
  2. Articfer Tom, No I do not have a book as of yet. I am waiting for a manual in the mail.
  3. Thanks, that what I'll have to do to start narrowing down what's causing it. It has to be a simple fix. I just keep doubting myself. About did I do this or that.
  4. Thanks, There's about 1" of play. But will check lines. I did blow out the line at the master cylinder when I had them all apart.
  5. Fronts are new. I'll check the backs. I should have done that when I did the cylinders.
  6. The master Cylinder was bone dry and all the wheel were locked up. Pulled all brakes. All wheel Cylinders were completely froze and loaded with rust and gook. Rebuilt back Cyl. replaced fronts. I rebuilt master Cyl. I could not get a heavy stream of fluid from wheel cyls. when bleeding. I am asking how the master cyl. is assembled, to check myself out. Everything the was done before on this car was in correct. Fist goes the rubber washer The I will call it a check valve flat side toward the rubber washer. spring, rubber piston cup down, piston seal down hollow in pisto
  7. Thank you guys again. Are you Gettysburg Nov. 7 I was thinking of going to look and get some more info from People. I am going to post another Question on my brakes and master cylinder.
  8. I understand what your saying. My wife just happened to see part of the spring on the pics Taylormade sent. The bracket on the plymouth that holds the spring is different. I think I can figure out how it fits. any more pics of that spring? I'm really excited now about getting this back together. TX again guys.
  9. I think I understand now. The spring is for the inside handle. Now all I have to do is see how it goes in. Thank you all I feel a lot better after my total confusion.
  10. I'll do the best I can to explain. The door handle lifts a bar to pull back the latch to open the door. The bar has a pivot pin on the far side.that pin is the one missing. I believe a headed pin and it is swaged in place. I am not familiar with what you call the remote control. I don't know how that spring goes in, but it looks like should return the bar back down and brings the handle back horizontal. do you know of any diagrams of this latch? Thanks for your reply. Sorry I didn't see the pics From Talyormade. There was a piece of spring at the bottom of the door.
  11. Does anyone know of w diagram of the passenger door latch? The latch is missing a pivot pin and the leaf style spring is broke. I do have the spring, but don't know where it goes.
  12. This is a 4DR sedan. I like to know how it is attached to the body. The bench is removable to access the battery. I do not believe the seat is adjustable. The way it is now the wood frame is slightly bolted to the floor. (not sure if they are lag screws) There are 2 steel strips on drivers side and 1 on passengers side bolted to the wood frame.
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