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  1. ToOk I'll accept your offer of 1000.00 for the woodlite headlamp and you pay for shipping
  2. Ok I'll accept your offer of 1000.00 for the woodlite headlamp and you pay for shipping
  3. Hello Pete would u like to have my address to send some money or how do you want to do this sale and u feel comfortable
  4. Thanks Terry I understand the know so knows someone who needs one I've also got a woidlite headlamp for sale Just one
  5. ,don't know much about it but the obvious anyone able to help and what could I expect at auction
  6. Can someone tell me exactly what this I I have a good idea that's a radiator cap though it stewd on and its in excellent condition what would something like this go for at auction
  7. I can you tell me if this is what your looking for a friend showed this to mevlqdtnjight andbdaid he found it in a trailer he purchased what a fine day te a radiator cap I believe hell sent meore photos later it has NewYork written on n it and BOyill yet more info on it you probably more than I .. ijyst found this site last week I'm trying to sell a single only one woodlite Headlamp in excellent condition are you familiar with scalptrader ive been trying to get ahold of him
  8. Hello scalptrader this us John Burlingame are you still interested in the woodlite headlamp I just go back on line he I'll s I it is can't find any u to date responces
  9. Dear scalptrader I still happen to have that woodlite headlamp just one and in good condition the parts in good condirrecinciion I received your bid at $750.00 U.S. I asked you to reconsider and make it a 1000.00 and I'll cover shipping and handling.is that a option thank you for considering I just can't find your reply you can always email me or call me at 541 301 2915 johnny.9.jb1@gmail.com Thank you johnny 122
  10. Yes I'm trying to find scalptrader for more information on what I can expect to receive if I were to sell the woodlite headlamp it's really in good condition the unit has another place for bulb to plug into underneath on the bottom of the Headlamp next to the mounting bolt see photo anyway it's for sale make offer thank you
  11. Single Woodlite headlamp in great condition 1800.00 obo 541 227 4927 johnny.9.jb1@gmail.com
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