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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Since it's a long way from original, AACA judging isn't in the near future. I like the look of the selection at Juliano's, think I'll get a couple with retractors for the front, and a couple simply lap belts for the rear, along with their under floor anchor plates. Wish me luck!
  2. Looking to add lap belts (2 front, 2 rear) to my '56 Olds Super 88 convertible. Does anyone have experience with this, suggestions on where to source (outside of usual Google search), etc? I'm also wondering if there's a place that makes a 'parade' cover for this car. I saw that in the '56 Olds catalog it was an available accessory, would love to know who, if anyone, makes one of these. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, I will try the Heritage Center.
  4. Wondering if anyone would know where (if) any production records exist for 1956 Oldsmobiles, specifically those built in Lansing, MI. I'm going to be the new caretaker of a '56 Super 88 convertible that has spent the last 20+ years (at least) in Canada (Toronto area), and I'm interested in finding out if it was originally sold there or shipped there sometime in the prior 40 years. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
  5. Thanks 55er... one thing is for sure it’s not black anymore, but I think it looks a lot better like this... next is to figure out what trim code ‘320’ stands for?
  6. Just picked this up, it’s not an original but I think we’re really going to enjoy it...
  7. Hi 55er, Thanks, wonder if the 55’s were the same. Do know the details of any of the other items on that tag?
  8. Hoping to get some help on decoding this cowl tag. It shows paint code 10, but I can’t find that color on any of the ‘56 color chips I’ve located online. is there a list of the codes and their meaning available somewhere? Thanks, JohnnyKO
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