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  1. Wow Matt , thats a nice shot of the Buicks side by side from ebay. Black is my color but that green looks nice too .
  2. Sorry Neil Morse but no jokes here . I just see no reason for you to accuse the guy of " misleading" ? come on . And 'several" modifications ? First of all the owner says : "KEEPING IT STOCK WHILE ADDING SAFETY FEATURES " !!!! Anybody with some common sense can understand what that says . Within 2 hours you can take the add ons off and the car will be very close to stock . And anyway i dont believe he entered a competition here . He knows what he has and so does everybody else .
  3. Neil Morse : Can you help us identify whats not stock that you can tell by pictures ? please ! Doug Franich : Please as far as you know , is the air in the tires stock ? Thanks .
  4. Thats a BIIIIG investment Matt ! Loyds was less then half of that , but of course is an option . I should say : thats a big " single investment < ,". As much ( or close to ) as doing the engine or even bodywork .
  5. Bob Engle : was that ( on the pictures ) done by the Late Loyd Young ?
  6. $ 1000.00 per cyl ? Come on now .... Are they mechanics or Doctors ? This is a pretty much modern engine ! We are not talking about a 1906 Maxwell !!!
  7. Well , i agree with Steve Mack. High priced, specially if the engine was noise .
  8. wow thats a nice story Pete . May God Bless them both !
  9. Curti : is your wife single ? i would marry her for that car !!! lol
  10. Marty : i just notice your post now after i posted one myself . I heard the news from MTFCA members . Thanks for posting Marty . Never met him but spoke a few times over the phone . Another big lost for all of us . Prayers to the family ! God bless him !
  11. Just heard the passed away of Lloyd Young . If anybody knows any more info , please let us know . What a Gentleman he was . Prayers to the family !
  12. So ... i decided to just find a new heat riser . Called Dave Tacheney and told him that i had a carter in that car . Explained to him that as some members here told me that some 37s had the stromberg replaced by dealer back then . He never heard such thing ...
  13. So if thats the case , i can just remove the butterfly ?
  14. I guess im going to start spraying some good stuff on that but im already preparing myself for the next step , replacing the damper itself . Thanks !!!
  15. Hello everybody ! Still trying to work on my 37 special over here . My valve body butterfly shaft is seized, and actually the butterfly broke by just forcing on . It seems impossible to get that shaft off now . Any suggestions ? And if i ever get that off , can it be replaced or i should get a new one ? Thanks and have a great day
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