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  1. If you are still searching ?...Subject to checking my accumulation in stored crates,I have a fairly nice original amongst many model CDDP early tail lights & lenses etc. Located in Sydney Australia. Thanks Anthony obsolete@pnc.com.au
  2. Thanks,Ive contacted the administration of aaca...I was half asleep on the job.
  3. I realised immediately after sending the Ad' thru,very tired & nearly asleep. How do I transfer these ads to "For Sale" or to Cancel them ?
  4. Could someone tell me how to put these 3 x ads under "for sale" or to cancel them ?. I was driving on the wrong side of the road dreaming I wanted to buy my own parts.(I'm new at this 🙂 Thanks Anthony
  5. 3" diameter, operable, no key. $350 plus postage. obsolete@pnc.com.au Thanks Anthony.
  6. National gauge co brand,approx 4 1/2" diameter,no glass...$125.plus postage obsolete@pnc.com.au Thanks Anthony.
  7. 3 stud 2 3/4" flanged type with gold face $150 plus postage obsolete@pnc.com.au Thanks Anthony.
  8. I should have a fairly good unrestored RJH-08 updraft carburettor. Thanks obsolete@pnc.com.au
  9. I possibly have the Stabilite Lenses & a few other new/used items,let me know & I will check my stocks. obsolete@pnc.com.au australia. thanks Anthony.
  10. I have a 6cyl german Bosch ass'y with drive gears & two piece caps,unfortunately one cap is damaged top & bottom & the second has the top cap damaged,I should also have new point sets,condensors ?.....send a request to obsolete@pnc.com.au for pictures if interested. Thanks Anthony. (australia)
  11. Numerous bits & pieces to suit your Singer just outside of Sydney.....obsolete@pnc.com.au
  12. I have various interesting parts to suit....located Sydney/Blue Mtns Australia. obsolete@pnc.com.au
  13. Send pics to obsolete@pnc.com.au Thanks Anthony.
  14. Oops!! I should have checked more closely,The hubcaps are the larger 30/31 type...t/l lense assy is for the Later 29/30 models from what I can see online.
  15. I have a set of good unrestored wire wheel hubcaps at $250 each plus a nos tail light lense ass'y with the peak on the top amongst other interesting pieces. Send a message to... obsolete@pnc.com.au & I will forward you some pics. Thanks Anthony.