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  1. Seeking 2 to 5 reasonabley good restorable hubcaps. Thanks Anthony (tony@obsoleteauto.com.au)
  2. Seeking a Cylinder head in crack free good condition. Tail Light, guages, radiator grille shutters, Parts/Service Manuals, Delivery by USPS Post securely packed. (open to suggestions) Thanks. Anthony
  3. Thankyou gentlemen for all your comments. 🙂
  4. Seeking any advice on obtaining information or a suitable set to fit a higher speed ring & pinion gear set for the differential such as a 41/10 or ? that will replace the original 47/10 that is 9" diameter / bore 4 7/8" 10 rivet holes, 8 1/4" length pinion. More info supplied if requested. Original Part No's 307612 / 307613. Thankyou. Anthony. Contact me by email on tony@obsoleteauto.com.au or text on 61.407.731424
  5. Easier for me to email pics to your address, or I can message the pics.. thanks. Tony.
  6. I have a good condition pair of these park lights,I have three of each type in the two sizes,I assume a "Big Six" has the larger type.I do not have the reflector/bulb holder mounted in the windshield base. Email me on info@obsoleteauto.com.au for pictures & cost. Various other new & used Studebaker parts on my shelves & rafters. (Sydney/Australia. )
  7. Have a nice pr of headlights in Sydney Australia. Can send pics & cost to your email address or contact me on tony@obsoleteauto.com.au . Poss' also have park/side/cowl lights, need to check cartons.
  8. I have a new original BXV-# Carb but have not checked the precise type at time of response. tony@obsoleteauto.com.au. 61.407.731424 Text. Can send you pics.
  9. I have some new original heads for the 3 1/4" bore engine (in Australia). Plus new thermostat housing. Thanks. tony@obsoleteauto.com.au
  10. How much are you offering for the lense,I quite poss' have a nice condition item.(in Australia). tony@obsoleteauto.com.au
  11. contact me on tony@obsoleteauto.com.au for pictures & price. I have at least a dozen doors/lense mounting rims(inner & outer) plus various lenses to suit plus other items. Thanks. Tony.
  12. Mark,I haven't looked at the tail lights I have since posting the ad' sometime ago,I will have to check & see what I still have to be accurate in response. My new email address is tony@obsoleteauto.com.au & new phone number is 61-245-672323 landline & 61-407-731424 mobile & new unfinished project website is www.obsoleteauto.com.au Thousands of items in stock both new & used. Thanks. Tony
  13. If you are still searching ?...Subject to checking my accumulation in stored crates,I have a fairly nice original amongst many model CDDP early tail lights & lenses etc. Located in Sydney Australia. Thanks Anthony obsolete@pnc.com.au
  14. Thanks,Ive contacted the administration of aaca...I was half asleep on the job.
  15. I realised immediately after sending the Ad' thru,very tired & nearly asleep. How do I transfer these ads to "For Sale" or to Cancel them ?
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