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  1. Seeking a long list of parts for this restoration...email... obsolete@pnc.com.au for the list please. I have a US west coast delivery address for any purchases. Thankyou. Anthony. btw....not seeking any Head/Side/Tail Lights.
  2. These are still out there for $50 to $200 each depending on the seller,I poss' have some myself : - )
  3. seeking a usable steering column ignition switch...thanks in anticipation
  4. Send me a message to obsolete@pnc.com.au & I will forward you some pictures. I had them identified back to front,yes,they have the straight arm.
  5. I have a set of 4 x F & R shockabsorbers,how much are you offering for the fronts (shorter slightly curved arm).Im located in australia.
  6. Seeking 2 speed ring & pinion set,new or used or differential,(shipped by any means to Orange Calif,for trans shipping or mailed if R&P.)
  7. I checked my cluster & found it is a 30 & not a 29 & very complete,I will need time to check my loose stocks of new & used ammeters to check what I have,bare with me please.
  8. Seeking any model cars,parts,literature,memorabilia for this british made teens/20's automobile obsolete@pnc.com.au Thanks Anthony.
  9. Seeking new or used electric wiper motor.FoMoCo p/n A8TZ-17508 A I can dig out a picture & forward direct. Thanks obsolete@pnc.com.au
  10. Please send your want list of (delantero lista de repuestos) needs,I have various parts to obsolete@pnc.com.au
  11. Send a few pics to obsolete@pnc.com.au as I have various new examples of teens & 20's. Thanks Anthony.
  12. Pls send a picture of the precise need (oil guage will suffice) to obsolete@pnc.com.au Located Australia.
  13. Various parts in stock for this vehicle,send immediate want list for p&a on anything I can check on.Located Australia. Thanks Anthony.
  14. I have some parts such as nos radiator shroud,used headlights,used hubcaps & some other parts for Paige & some Jewett parts. Located Sydney / Australia obsolete@pnc.com.au
  15. Seeking carburettor,starter motor,magneto & or distributor to suit this WK 4 cyl engine. Delivery to East or West Coast addresses . Anthony obsolete@pnc.com.au