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  1. Thank you, but I was able to find one that was only across the country in CA. haha! Appreciate the note.
  2. Looking for a cylinder head for a 1936 Dodge D2. Thank you! Or suggestions for a good stitch repair mechanic near NC.
  3. 1936 Dodge - 4 Door Sedan Front Left (Drivers) Door, some rust at the bottom of door panel $250 plus shipping from Burlington, NC
  4. jpage, That sounds like a lot of work!!! (isn't everything) Thank you for the suggestion. I'm hoping someone has an easier solution as I wanted to paint the housing and replate the bezel for both tail lights.
  5. I need some help/instructions on removing the tail light bezel. We were able to get the lens out, but need to remove the bezel to sand and paint. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. 1930, haven't forgot about you and will try to get the pictures of the tools to you in a couple of weeks when I take a few days off!! All the best!
  7. 1936 D2, Thank you for following up! I no longer have the problem of my Dodge not starting when it is hot. I think the main culprit of my problem was my fuel pump, because shortly after my post, the car would stop running after about 10 minutes of driving. I decided to replace the fuel pump and things are fine now. In addition, I have also replaced the battery, plugs, plug wires, points, condensor and distributor cap just to be safe. So I think it is the combination of all of the above that have helped me, but my guess is that the fuel pump was the main driver since once it got hot, it didn't perform well and just got worse and worse. It worked fine when it was cold. Slow progress, the deck lid is done and the passenger rear fender is done and now we are just driving it around until the weather warms back up and my father in law can move to the passenger front fender. We are keeping it drivable during the "restoration". Next on the list is a new wiring harness for the entire car. Any suggestions on where to look? Rhode Island Wiring was mentioned. I'm sure I'll be back in touch once we run into some challenges.
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the 1936 "Dodge Blue" on a car that they can post?
  9. 1936 D2 - Great pictures. Thank you! Do you know if there is a translation to current day paint manufacturers from the dupont color chart you posted? What color is the car you posted several posts up (the "gray" 4 door)? http://forums.aaca.org/attachments/f143/87101d1304301902-interior-colors-1936-dodge-d2-4dr-touring-sedan
  10. The gray corduroy is a seat cover. The original seats are the taupe/beige color. 1936 D2, I noticed that one of your cars has a gray interior, was this personal preference or an original option?
  11. Still a novice here, but my guess on the lug nut wrench with the tappered end was it was used to hold the wheel in place when putting the wheel on the car since the hubs don't have threads and bolts are used. Mine fit perfectly into the holes on the wheel.
  12. It must be quite a job to install a headliner like this. I'll be looking for some professional help when that time comes (most likely down the road a little bit). I'm going to re-examine my headline to see if I can determine where it was nailed..... I still have the card stock for the rear sail panels (just removed them yesterday)! It was impressive to see all of the fine craftsman ship that went into the interior (still obvious, despite the state of the material). My roof only has rubber bumpers on the roof bolts on the back, were these present on all roof bolts? jpage, thanks for all your time on the phone the other night.
  13. 1930 - Here are all the tools I have come across. Not sure which ones actually belong. I believe the jack is original (the short stubby one) along with the tire iron shaped like a bent L. I'm not sure which longer bar goes with it. There was also a bumper jack in the trunk, but I don't think that is original. I'm assuming the tire iron that is an X is not original. For fun, I have included a couple of shots of the spare tire, which appears to be original (both tire and rim). I have included a close up shot of the detail painting on the tire. I'm not sure why the decorative paint stood up over all these years, but the rest of the wheel rusted. What color was the rest of the wheel?
  14. My headliner....., followed by a picture of the original wood grain rear vent window garnish molding
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