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  1. Hmmmm is it the Riv ,,,or the GT ?????
  2. Welcome to the Forum, I think you would discover that all of us here own our Rivieras as a passion regardless of generation. Its not the $$. We have them because we love them and when all is done always end up with what we really prefer. There are pro arguments for all of them. Having owned several Gens all my life, with several Boatails , they were always the ones that gave me a real spark and I always turned to. My point is try to stick with what you prefer. I know I'm biased but you will probably always look at a 72 and wish it was yours. No matter, buy a good Car to begin with that might need a few things. You will be better off in the long run. Otherwise you'll be in over 25-30K in a time consuming restoration. Talking years! All Rivieras are represented here on the forum with less visibility as the years go up. There are plenty of Boatail resources out there with "Boatloads" of following and info. Good Luck,
  3. 1973 for me too ! Having owned both, a Grey on Black 72 no top , as in Kreeds post, Loved that Car, I was always drawn to the more modern Tail since I saw my first Willow Green 73 in the 70's. It's like Boatails in general, either you like em or you dont. A Boatail IS a Boatail. It's not the bumpers. It's the lines....... Grouping 71 to 78 Rivieras together bugs me a lot more.
  4. Here Here ! Can you build another ? YES Will it be the same? NO Very Sad Thanks for the Heads Up Jason.
  5. Tder1

    '72 at Mecum

    Nice Boatail and I tread carefully with respect noting items with any ones efforts on any Riviera, but we are talking correct ? Light Sockets are provisioned for fiber optics in these cars. If not you could change them. Just a matter of plugging the optic in with the proper ferrule. Rear Monitor not a 71-73 option. Center rear Emblem, not an option. Toranado lower Door Panels with lights. Lower Door Panels are one of the most difficult parts to locate on a Boatail, pretty much impossible, no one makes them unless you send them off to be remolded. Would like to see under the hood.
  6. Welcome to the Community ! GREAT score ! i'M a Boatail guy but the 65's are just awesome with hide aways, Lots of good info here for 63, 4, 5. Everybody is happy to help. Don't be shy. There are some real good early year guys here.
  7. Great Jason ! Good Luck ! Hope your in. Debating taking my Motor Home for the W/E. See what happens.Just have to find a spot close. Looks like they can make something good out of this Venue.
  8. Wanted to waste no time getting my Car in. Never know how fast it will fill up.Hoping the new venue will be just as Majestic. Making my Hit List..... Every Nut and Bolt. Hope to See you there! Seldom get an Event this close.
  9. Right? Every time I get to see whole bunch of Rivieras together it just makes an amazing day. There is just no other sight as sweet than going to a National or Regional and looking at an Ocean of Rivieras as far as you can see. It's an impressive sight. Just never get over it.
  10. Good Day Gents, We all must know by now the Showcasing of our Cars at the 2017 Hemmings Concours show at Saratoga NY in 2017. It is an excellent chance for our beloved Rivieras to be showcased to the public in all their glory and is a great chance for a lot of publicity for our collection, Seeing that they will only be accepting probably 15 Cars to represent the Riviera and living in the Tri-State Area I wanted to waste no time in submitting my Car for consideration and received a positive response for my 73 Stage 1. They have accepted my request for Entry and needless to say I am excited and feel privileged .Now it's time for the extreme detail work. Every Nut and Bolt will need to be Checked and Double Checked. One Year to get the Car ready is a can do. I have no grand illusions about my Car but feel with a little more attention to detail it will hold its own. Would like to see any others who have or are considering an Entry. Good Luck.
  11. Frank, Please Post here and let us know how you make out if you transfer any parts. You've piqued some interest now and would really like to know what fits and what doesn't. Understand that these things take time. That 73 front bumper ass. is HEAVY !
  12. I might have to say yes with all the considerations though. Tail Lights. Big Crash Bumper on 73. Know of nobody who has ever done it but the Frames are close enough. Your 73 looks pretty good. Question : Respectfully, Why are you looking to make it a 72 with 73 Interior ?
  13. 6-8 does seem like a lot when you are the one holding the Key. Just for info mine will start with a half turn of the Crankshaft within 15 minutes. Much after that requires a little pedal and fires after about 3 seconds.I would think 6 seconds with no throttle is pretty good. Did you do the Carb yourself or send it out ? Just wondering. Done many in my time but always seems hit or miss when they get back on the car. I'm sure there are pros here who know but there all kinds of tricks they go thru to eliminate potential leaks and problems. Idle Screws, did you just go with the 2 1/2 turns or set them by Vacuum? I always like to know what the trends are. I had so much trouble with my backfires I turned obsessive about adjusting Quads. Good Luck, sure you'll be fine.
  14. Hi JZ, went thru 2 sets of mufflers after putting my car back together, Car would bog, stall and then Talk about explosions! Split like Clamshells. Replaced everything. Make sure its all working properly. Advance, TVS, All vacuum lines, AIR Diverter Valve. 4Deg BTDC, But ended up being the Carb. Might look OK but these Quads will leak and pour gas into the intake. Get a new one or a GOOD rebuilder to take care of yours. No problems since.
  15. Hi All, Been having some issues that I have narrowed down to the AIR Pump System on my 73. I'm looking for a new Diverter Valve that works and holds vacuum. I would have posted in buy/sell but know I would get nowhere there. Someone must have one laying around or NOS. The valves are pretty year specific because of the hose and muffler design. I don't want to devane my pump. Want to leave all functional. Little Help ?
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