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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Buick-Riviera-GS/173952878038?hash=item28806645d6:g:7ckAAOSwNeFdHKza
  2. I'll bet the "1968 Buick Riveria" would get more attention if he spelled Riviera correctly. I would think most people looking for a specific car would enter the model. I couldn't find it in a "Riviera" search. cjp69 must have been searching for Buick. I did once get a pretty good deal on some marine exhaust manifolds for a Merc 7.4 on ebay I believe because of a spelling mistake and no reserve.
  3. Thanks for the pics RivMan and RivNut. RivMan's pic looks like how I thought it should be. I failed to find the fitting locally. Going to order this, hopefully I got the sizes right: https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/3602-05-05-02.html Here is what I was working with:
  4. I just finished rebuilding the carbs on my car. I noticed the front fuel line T connection looked a little funny when it was apart. I had also wondered why someone had used a bunch of teflon tape on the fuel fittings. I put everything back without the tape and it leaks pretty bad. You can see why. I'm guessing someone tried to "fix" the T at some point. I'll bet there is supposed to be a male pipe thead . Can someone confirm?
  5. Yep. Not cheap but worked. Didn't need to splice it anywhere. It probably sits a little lower than stock at the carb. https://www.retromotioninnovations.com/collections/universal-parts/products/3-8universalmolded
  6. Looks doable, I may have to cut a little and splice.
  7. Anyone have a heat riser spring and retainer clip for a 65 Riv? The valve on my car moves freely but is missing these pieces. I'm in the process of refurbishing the carbs, if I can't find the pieces I'll put on an electric choke. Thanks! Allen
  8. This should work. May need a short length spliced on. Universal-Molded-Fuel-Line-Rubber
  9. I did a little searching online and can't seem to find a PCV hose for a 65 riviera. This should still work but it would be nice to have something newer and a little less brittle. I could always make something out of new hose but it would be nice to get something close to original.
  10. Did you see this comment by CaptainMyCaptain on this car? Someone is pretty clever... CaptainMyCaptain 211 There is a greater than zero chance this car was ordered new by The Most Interesting Man Alive. There are tell-tale signs. He custom ordered the car in Sea Mist Green because that was the color of envy. When he drove the car off the showroom floor after it arrived at the dealership, it immediately increased in value by 50%. The California title with his signature on it went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction.
  11. 65 Riviera GS in Dallas. $23500. Seems like a good deal. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/6676353949.html
  12. Black 65 $12500 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/6655137240.html
  13. Low mileage (36k) 65 Riviera https://m.ebay.com/itm/1965-Buick-Riviera/202351667005?_mwBanner=1&ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2Fe11021.m43.l1120%2F7%3Feuid%3D2e141feeb86344de8c339b5130a133cf%26bu%3D43121768213%26loc%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202351667005%26sojTags%3Dbu%3Dbu%26srcrot%3De11021.m43.l1120%26rvr_id%3D0%26rvr_ts%3D419f9d321640ac8937b6f7bafffeda41&ul_noapp=true
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