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  1. Thanks to the member that set me straight!. The paper i have shows these as 64,but i am told they are 65 and will work on my 66. Since that is the case i am pulling these and will not be selling them. My apologies.
  2. Dave, the manifold is a 66, which is why I want it. If you have a 66 part number manifold that could work. If you have a manifold then we just swap and the price remains the same.
  3. Set of 1964 dual 4 carbs for sale Front - 3645 Rear - 3646 Sitting on shelf for last 12 years and were rebuilt then. Great condition. $700 or best offer for the Pair WIll not separate Manifold, connecting linkage and fuel line not included
  4. Email me please at jkuchtiak@comcast.net
  5. I will take it and gladly pay shipping!
  6. Hey Bill, Curious as to why you choose to run 65 rears? is there a significant improvement in reliability? Kooch
  7. Looking for sets of upper and lower rear control arms. email me at jkuchtiak@comcast.net
  8. According to the current owner who bought it from the nephew of Mr Williams after his passing, the top was removed and painted but not the whole car. There is a receipt to match that statement. The car spent it's entire life under a car port and not in a garage. The low milage is documented as is the entire car. AS a lifetime 1966 Buick guy, this is the most documented 66 Buick I have ever come across, period The only document not present is the build sheet, and hopefully that is in the car somewhere. But with all of the other documentation along with the August 66 Sales Master Record I have, who needs it. This car is the "REAL DEAL" folks although not as pristine as it could have been had it been in a garage. The present owner is a Corvette guy and has the presence of mind to only maintain this car as opposed to changing anything in the time he has owned it.
  9. Need some Wildcat Head Seat Buttons from a 66 Wildcat email me at jkuchtiak@comcast.net
  10. Checking in to see if you have any more progress?
  11. Bill, Good to hear from you, hope all is well!! You buy a Cat for the grandbaby yet?? Yes, I am extremely pleased with the fit and finish and the quality of their workmanship. Much better than the previous set I purchased from a well known supplier in the northwest! Car progress has stalled a bit for me, but am hopeful to get the brackets welded in and the seats installed in the spring. Need to finish getting the posi under it first. and the carb back on it. Have a great Turkey Day!
  12. http://www.profitautointeriors.com/p...66BWILDBU.html See the link above. These folks (Pro Fit Interiors) fabricated the seats in the picture out of an excellent seat set that I had out of a Utah Wildcat. The workmanship and factory correctness is outstanding. I am pleased in every way with the fit and finish of the seats. The folks that own the business are very pleasent and super easy to deal with. I took them the seat frames, and Rick installed the covers. My seats came back blasted and painted and looking better than new. These folks certainy have my endorsement!! I also gave him a very good pattern core for a bench seat, so if you need one of those they can accomidate you as well.
  13. Take your time, I am in no hurry. It is for a spare or possibly a re-chrome one day.