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  1. 29 May, arrived in Rhode Island.
  2. joncoon

    1926 fuel line

    Many copper lines were tin plated in that era, at least speaking from a residential plumbing standpoint. I tin-plated the exposed portions of the fuel lines for our 9B, and while maybe not perfect, it's easy and aesthetically more consistent. The vacuum line on the manifold was apparently original to the car, and I wanted the others to match. Just a bit of tinning flux on the copper and some heat (no gasoline in the lines).
  3. joncoon

    any interest?

    Mine just broke on Saturday - looks like I would be interested, too. The rubber part seems to be the same for Series 9, but the nut is a different thread.
  4. I have been getting lots of water coming out with the exhaust (enough to rust the muffler) and was thinking I might need a sediment bowl on the 9B. I have a couple of spare ¼" sediment bowls, but was wondering if that might restrict the fuel flow too much. Does anyone have any experience with ¼" fuel line restrictions? Most lines are 3/8" OD with ½" OD connections, but the carburetor seems to have some rather narrow passages so it may not make any difference.
  5. The first thing I would do is check the switch, if it sticks it could burn out the starter.
  6. Nice Series 10! Our 1922 Series 9 is coming along slowly - it finally drove around the block in late October. 2011: and 2014:
  7. PN 24587, Vibrator Switch Plate in good condition with a very small spot of green discoloration on one corner. $25, or trade/partial trade for other Series 9/10A Sedan door parts. Looking for window regulators, door window lip channel, aux. latch levers & connecting rods, door dome light switches, interior 'knobs' and trim plates. Jon joncoon@cox.net
  8. Hi Jim - that triple-tier strike plate looks an awful lot like what I need for my 9B - if you happen to have an extra to sell it'd save me casting a new one! --Jon joncoon@cox.net
  9. Thank you for the reply - I somehow doubt there would be demand for as many as 100 pieces. I will be in touch in a couple of weeks - I will need something to keep the windows up.
  10. I am finally having a local glass shop make some windows and wanted to know if anyone knows of a source for the window Lip Channel that holds the glass and will hook on the sill. Something that can be modified would work, too. I only have one rear piece of the channel and would happily buy any used ones, too. I also need a complete left regulator and a chain and attached parts for the right side. Lip Channel picture
  11. On a Series 9 carburetor, is there a proper setting for the throttle valve angle or clearance? From what I have seen, it looks like 0º or full choke is appropriate for the low stop, with the high stop at about 90º. It won't idle there at 0º, but I would assume the linkage would be set for idle. Any input is appreciated. -Jon
  12. joncoon

    lets talk cars!

    9A Touring is probably the nicest looking car ever. I ran across the above photos when I was about 8 years old and have wanted one ever since. Anyone want to trade for a not-quite-running 9B sedan?
  13. If a run is made I could use a set for my 9B, there are a couple really weak ones on there now. -Jon Coon
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