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  1. Thanks for all the good info. I have looked up info on the Ford Bendix spring part # B11375. The "pigtails" on the Ford part are in line with each other. The spring pigtails on mine are offset bt about 90 degrees. The starter is a Delco 723-C which shows as the correct starter in the service bulletins. Am I going to have to change the entire Bendix assembly? Also, the spring will not come off. I tried a few taps with a hammer. I am going to need a bigger hammer! That is why I may have to cut it off. What do you think? Dave
  2. The 33 Franklin Olympic has been giving lots of trouble. The starter quit. Just getting it out was a job. But the Bendix spring appears to be distorted and I can't get it off of the shaft. It is a delco starter but I don't have any springs that look like this one. Dave Phillips
  3. Thanks for the reply. No luck with the Hudson club. Hudson 6-40s are few and far between. Dave
  4. Need water outlet for 1915 Hudson 6-40. Can this part be cast? Original piece full of pinhole. Dave
  5. The tank is out. My grandson used a plumbers wrench and the collar unscrewed perfectly. Dave
  6. My grandson and I are trying to get the gas tank out of our s5 sedan. I've been told that the filler neck unscrews from the tank. Is this true? I hope so because I can't see any other way that tank would come out. Dave Phillips
  7. We are looking for a distributor cap for our 21 series 9B. The tag on the side of the distributor looks like it says AK CAF. Here are some photos. Dave Phillips
  8. Has anyone considered duplicating the early V8 winter fronts. Like the 35 pictured. Dave
  9. That hump-backed Ford in the traffic circle is a 1935. You can see the outside horn. 36 did not have them.
  10. I would like to purchase the 25 Franklin distributor. Grandson has a 25 coupe and I have a 27 sedan. How do I contact you?? Dave Phillips
  11. Eddie has 3" hill hounds" and they love to "help" in the garage and love rides. Here's the 3 in Eddie's 25 Franklin , Jesse in my 15 T and all 3 under the 15.
  12. What is the colour of the steering column on my 35 sedan. Is this paint available? Dave
  13. I bought my first car in 1962 and it was an antique to start with! My dad and I drove that old Ford regularly for several years. The most memorable trip was a Christmas trip up the the Jersey shore in a heavy snow storm. The Lakehurst highway had not been plowed and the Ford went right through with out any problems. I still have my Ford and it shares garage space with 2 Franklins, a 1915 Hudson and a 1915 Model T
  14. Yes, it's a 7 passenger touring. Apparently there is no engine number. It starts when we put gas in the priming cups but won.t keep running. Probably a carb issue. Dave Phillips
  15. The paper work on my car shows a number 84924. Is that an engine number or a serial number. If it is an engine number, where is it Dave\
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