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  1. These are called festoon bulbs. A lot of European cars used them, my Citroen had them in the turning sinals and position lights.
  2. SOLD my beautiful Traction Avant yesterday. I really hate to see it go, but I am out of garage space and I bought another car at Hershey.
  3. Definately do not try crankling it over. My guess is that one or more of the exhaust valves will be frozen and cranking it over will break the rocker arms. This is from experience. Dave
  4. As a daily driver, get a model A Ford. Parts are available, not so with a Graham or a Franklin.
  5. Ozstatman, as I mentioned earlier. I do not believe any 2 door cabriolets or coupes were built after WWII> DP
  6. Postwar I don't believe there were any coupes or convertibles. A few more pictures
  7. The Dutch number plate was on a Cadillac convertible that my father bought when we lived in Germany. The Cadillac belonged to the Belgian ambassador to Holland. Maryland only had one number plate in 1954, so when I found the old dutch plate it got the place of honour up front.
  8. Here's a few more pictures. I have owned this car since 1991.
  9. No, this car was never in Princeton, New Jersey. Plus I noticed a mistake in my ad. The correct HP is about 54.
  10. Reluctantly I am offering my 1954 Citroen for sale. I have run out of space. It is a good runner, once it gets started. Nice paint, reupholstered in original fabric. 1.9 litre OHV 4 cylinder, 42 HP. This is the mid size 4 cylinder, the Normale. Car is in Maryland. $16,500.
  11. . Paul, we are still awaiting the rebuilt distributor for Eddie's 11A. The good news is that our 9B may soon be on the road. Dave
  12. Franklins would be my choice. We have 4 of them and they are great touring cars. The 33 Olympic probably is the top choice. Hydraulic brakes, lots of power, steers nicely. It doesn't have the ride of the earlier Franklins with the full elliptic springs but it is still a pleasure to drive and they are usually affordable.
  13. Hudson 1915 model 6-40 7 passenger touring. Eddie is holding the old radiator drain cock. A new one stopped the leak. New battery and Eddie is checking the lights. Not too bad for 1915.
  14. quarter elliptic springs, Overland?