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  1. Tom, yes we are interested in the lenses. Eddie's 25 still has one lens in 3 pieces , held together with tape. Do you know how to send a personal message with a price? Dave
  2. The weather has been too wet in Maryland this year. We did have a few days where the sun came out and we got the Franklins and the Ford out. People love seeing the older cars, it,s a morale booster. Plus you always have someone who wants to go for a ride.
  3. Paul, on our series 11s the timing is adjusted with a lever that moves right to left. All the way to the right is retard and all the way to the left is advance. Dave
  4. Paul, Last night we had a team of young mechanics here working on my 35 Ford V8 engine. After that, we fooled a little with the 15 Hudson carb. Chris, one of the team, was interested in the problem we were having with Eddie's 25. So we all went up to Eddie's garage and started looking at that stubborn oil pum gear. Fortunately, Mark got into his collection of tools and produced 3 "Ladyslipper" pry bars. With them, the reluctant gear fnally came out. I was happy to see, no damage. Eddie spent several hours today cleanning with my rifle cleaning rods and now the gear goes in and lines up with the key way on the bottom. Eddie is happy. Now I'll have to help him set up the timing. Dave
  5. Went looking more into Ed's 11A. I told Ed to turn over the engine with the hand crank and I saw that the oil pump gear was not turning. The cam shift is turning but the oil pump gear is standing still. I think that gear is supposed to lift out through the opening but we can't budge it. Any suggestions? Dave
  6. Eddie is trying to put his distributor back in his 11A coupe. He is having difficulties. Is there a trick to getting those gears to mesh up?
  7. Looking for spring parts and the cover for the gears at the back of the starter/generator
  8. Here's grandson Ed in the 21 Franklin and Carter in my 15 model T Ford.
  9. These are called festoon bulbs. A lot of European cars used them, my Citroen had them in the turning sinals and position lights.
  10. SOLD my beautiful Traction Avant yesterday. I really hate to see it go, but I am out of garage space and I bought another car at Hershey.
  11. Definately do not try crankling it over. My guess is that one or more of the exhaust valves will be frozen and cranking it over will break the rocker arms. This is from experience. Dave
  12. As a daily driver, get a model A Ford. Parts are available, not so with a Graham or a Franklin.
  13. Ozstatman, as I mentioned earlier. I do not believe any 2 door cabriolets or coupes were built after WWII> DP
  14. Postwar I don't believe there were any coupes or convertibles. A few more pictures
  15. The Dutch number plate was on a Cadillac convertible that my father bought when we lived in Germany. The Cadillac belonged to the Belgian ambassador to Holland. Maryland only had one number plate in 1954, so when I found the old dutch plate it got the place of honour up front.