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  1. I have the black interior. I need door speaker grills only. It looks like I am going aftermarket radio because the harness was hacked pretty bad and there is new speaker wires pulled to the doors. I'll pm you a list of my needs. List of stuff I'm doing: Front and read brakes pads n rotors Both front axels Plugs and wires, cap and rotor look new Fuel filter and clean injectors. Valve cover gasket All fluid changes Tires Alignment Interior needs gauge cluster bezel leather Passenger side horizontal leather piece Metal ash tray and cig lighter assembly Driver side floor mat Pass side door lock i
  2. Retard the timing to get through and adjust it again once you pass. Also, make sure the converter is blazing hot when thy test the car by running at high rpm on the way there and in parking lot.
  3. It is a 91 3.0, no turbo and it does have the Maserati logo liner under the hood. Whith the insulation there, where would the sticker be?
  4. It looks like the hood on my car was replaced or repainted. It is a bad color match and appears to be single stage as the rest of the car has a clear coat. The emissions decal is on the cowel but I saw no decal with paint code. An observation I made under the hood. The ignition wires say Sumotomo 1989. That's not the year the wires were produced is it? They are in remarkably great shape. Makes no cents, the car is a 91. Lots of hail damage on this pig. I will learn painless dent repair on it.
  5. I want to pick up some touch up pair at my local auto body supply shop. It looks like single stage on a 91 correct? Anyone know the PPG code for the cream color?
  6. I just found the axel on rock auto. How do I swap the tone ring? Is it obvious?
  7. Im in ct and I think I just bought the car you describe. Did you ever buy it and resell it?
  8. I just sold a reatta and picked up a 91 tc with 85,000. It needs a radio and speakers, cv joint and some minor cosmetic stuff. Does anyone have stock radio and speakers to sell me? The slave cd player is there so stock radio and infinity speakers and grills would be awesome. Also advance auto doesnt sell a cv axel for a tc but they have one for a 91 Lebanon vert with 3.0. Isn't that the same part?
  9. I need one too. The car I bought has radio and speakers missing. How do I tell if I need the regular one or the Infinity with amplified speakers? Also BTW, Crutchfield doesnt list size is it 5 1/4" I need?
  10. OK You guys jinxed me! Handle on my 90 Vert just broke. Does anyone have one for sale or know what is interchangable?
  11. So who couldn't use anither great 90 vert? Bid now, bid often.
  12. Thanks fellas, I asked advice on what to do with the wheels in another thread. I ended up doing white Plasti-dip coating, topped with gloss Fusion white. Masked everything off and did the inside holes with SEM trim satin black and sharpied the buick letters. Gloss should make brake dust wash off well and black accents should hide brake dust for the new owner. Pleastidip can be removed if the new owner does not like white revealing original aluminum finish. I didn't want it looking like a select 60 fake. I think it looks ok. I needed the 17" aftermarket wheels and tires for another project a
  13. Some suggestions I received were to wire brush the bottom and apply an undercoat of just not show photos of the undercarriage. If I were Bidding on or buying the car I'd want all the information I put out and not just fluff. Especially with eBay I don't want to hide anything and have the bidder not pay. It really is just an honest car that would be a cruise night special or drive to work on sunny days. I realize it is probably not a 10,000 car. What I get is what I get. I do apprEciate the feedback and tips.
  14. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=220994303791 Just bid on mine. I'm straight.
  15. It was on Hemmings for a month one guy paid to have it inspected locally and then did not buy because he found one closer. Inspection report just said all was good except A/C and that has been done. One other caller said he would rather bid on ebay, so here ya go! This car is all there, no problems. I am not giving it away but I will let it go on the cheap. Buick : Reatta Buick : Reatta | eBay<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  16. What I did on Mustang is I bought new accumulator/dryer. Pulled compressor off and poured in ac flushing fluid and manually spun the compressor to clean out oil. I hanged every o ring and spring. I put It all back together and brought it to a shop that checked for leaks. No leaks and they purged and filled. I was going to do this on Buick once I have it checked to see if the r12 top off is a better option.
  17. Hi my 90 vert still runs r12 and works ok but could be better. As many of you have done the. Conversion what is the best kit out there? I want complete with o rings Esther oil, springs, fittings etc. I had really good luck with Napa kit on a mustang I did. I know the procedure. Some use whatever Walmart has. What do you guys recommend? Part number vendor and price would be great too.
  18. I have had my vert on 2 months. No calls except for two scammers.
  19. I'm in CT dropped my price to $11,200 for a 90 convertible with 65,000 miles http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/buick/reatta/1356231.html
  20. Thanks for the tips everyone. I will get some better pictures. There was snow on the ground when I wanted to place the ad which is why I did not get any outside pics. I have about 8 hours of detailing into the car. It was buffed and detailed by a professional and I. Does the car look dirty? What should I put in the ad to get people to know I'd consider lower offers than the other cars on that site? As for the wheels I haven't painted the stock ones yet and am trying to buy another set from an eBay seller .
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