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  1. I may be fascinated and perplexed because I might need to sell a Reatta convertible one day. I thought by now everyone knows people ask $12,000 to $15,000 for those cars and then take $6,000 , $7,000 or less
  2. Does anyone know this black Vert in CT? Does anyone know why there was no bidders beside myself and one other? Has Reatta supply exceeded demand recently? I must admit I was one of the two bidders. If I didn’t already own two 1990 Reatta convertibles I would go pick this one up. I’m not saying it should have sold for $10,000 but it should have been bid up over $2,000! Am I that biased because I like these cars?
  3. I sent you a PM Barney. Give me info on where to ship my antenna to be rebuilt please.
  4. Who sells the $50 rebuilt Reatta power antennas with trade in? Is that still available?
  5. OK, Does anyone know the closest color code for the ACC carpet kit I can order new for the FLAME red interior?
  6. Forgive me for not searching thoroughly Where can I find instructions on programming. A used remote from a Cadillac with the same fcc I’d towork with my reatta VERT?
  7. So what is your professional opinion on the color of my car without me looking it up?
  8. I’m not sure if I should start another thread for my gray on gray. We don’t want it stealing any thunder from the Select 60
  9. I race lemons and I restore Reattas. These two are not the same hobby! I prefer rear wheel drive and a manual for racing. My 1978 Fiat 131 will have a 1996 Mazda Miata Drivetrain ! My slice of of advice is I believe the Reatta transmission will be the weakest link. Don’t forget the new fire suppression system required for 2019 season! Let me know if you have any questions on rules or reatta quirks.
  10. I’m a Connectican 🤘 That Select 60 paint is supposed to be done by Xmas My upholstery guy is hard at work HAND stitching the Gray Vert back window! Also not quite done yet. So so essentially I am restoring two reatta verts at the same time
  11. Open end wrench is the only way to get to that bolt
  12. I’ll post pics of how the back window repair comes out
  13. I recently bought a gray on gray in LI. This will be my 3rd ‘vert!
  14. After 3 long years the body shop has started on the full respray! i couldn’t be more excited to see this being done. There is true hope this project will be done and driving by spring time!