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  1. I have a stock 88/89 2.2T2 5spd smec from a Shelby Daytona for sale if anyone is interested. This is the 174hp smec that is a basic plug n play upgrade from stock for 89 8V turbo TCs. Asking 150$ shipped. Please private message as I am not in this forum much. Just selling off some old parts
  2. The stock 89 t2 2.2l 5spd smec from a daytona shelby is the upgrade as 5spd intercooled 2.2ls had 174hp, the tc is detuned to 160hp via the computer, i believe its only 10psi, to help the transmission survive longer
  3. 88,89,90 should definately all be the same
  4. Found these in my stay of parts for a T3 16V car, but clearly they are dohc masi. NOS. I think like list for 40$ each on arizona parts. I'd take 40$ shipped for the 2.
  5. I pulled the radio out and the relay for the antenna is plainly visable
  6. I dunno what other ppl are doing but i have a good strong complete teves unit im selling if anybody wants one
  7. Signal light in the fender next to the headlamp or the amber turn signal in the bumper?
  8. Car is beat up, was purchased for the motor. Lots of parts available, contact me via pm or post. Thanks
  9. Intermediate axle assembly the bearings do fail and ive had a few that it gets super loose
  10. Watched my buddy load up the running motor, hold the tb wide open and spray it full of combustion chamber cleaner until it died. He used to do it all the time. Never killed any of his customers cars doing it.
  11. Chrysler used to have its own combustion chamber cleaner that you woukd spray into the throttle body while car is running at wide open until It stalled as you say.
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