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  1. I have a stock 88/89 2.2T2 5spd smec from a Shelby Daytona for sale if anyone is interested. This is the 174hp smec that is a basic plug n play upgrade from stock for 89 8V turbo TCs. Asking 150$ shipped. Please private message as I am not in this forum much. Just selling off some old parts
  2. That was my 90 16v White black black Cali emissions car Motor he's building
  3. The grease dries out, I'm sure you can take it apart and service it, lube it
  4. sounds like its low on refridgerant just a thought
  5. so the mains are the same as standard TII. any different if non common or commonblock and early or late as i read there was 4 different cranks. i guess the rod bearings are whats different
  6. i want to know when if ever main bearings are gonna become available again in any size even stock would be nice. i have some nice cometic intake and exhaust mani gaskets, cometic head gasket, and modified t-belt tensioner that rdi was selling for the 16V and also the magnecore wire set made to fit like a stocker. Very nice pieces, quality untouchable
  7. holy crap, that much for a valve cover gasket and you have to buy 2?
  8. i repaired mine with longer screws. didnt do too shabby either. plastic weld or 5 min epoxy is also helpful if you have to fix cracks, i had one to do
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