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  1. I love to order from Car Audio Stereo - Car Subwoofers - Car Amplifiers and Speakers As good as crutchfield but cheaper
  2. Buick Reatta for sale | Hemmings Motor News Here it is!:cool:
  3. I did the serpentine belt and tensioner pulley when I changed the alternator not long ago. Nice dayco stuff, not the no-name. I changed the alternator because it was actually bad and not charging the belt was preventive and pulley bearing a little noisy. If I do the cat I will personally install the Magnaflow direct fit bolt on and will also change the O-2 sensor while I'm there. Anyone know what gasket I need for bolt on downpipe cat? Is it the foreign car like compression donut style or flat? Should I use band clamp for other end His rent is 9 days late LMAO!
  4. I do most work myself. This is a guy who owns a general repair garage in a building I own (my tenant) next door to my office. I told him to put the car up and let me take pics and do a general inspection so I can make sure it's safe and suitable to sell. He couldn't find anything wrong with it and was probably just trying to drum up a ticket.
  5. Great! Magnaflow direct fit stainless cat $75 delivered advanced auto parts. No undercoat right?
  6. I own a 1990 Reatta convertible 65,000 original miles and I am looking to sell the car for top dollar. I recently had it up on a lift to get some pictures and it is clean as can be with a little surface rust. Leak free, great brakes and fuel lines etc. The exhaust sounds great and is totally original. It aint broke but my mechanic says I should change the cat converter to a new stainless one because the one on there is original and "might go in the future" (car passed emissions no problem). He also said he thinks I should undercoat the bottom to make it "look new". Is he just trying to sell me what I don't need? Will it hurt or help the value of my car? I think the bottom with stock oem cat and Non-undercoated bottom makes it look like more of an honest car that is original true and clean. Am I correct in that if I undercoat it and change the cat it looks like I am hiding something? I know thats what I would think if I saw that on a car I'm buying.
  7. Under car clean, no leaks minor surface rust. Pictures up tonight. I'm throwing it on Hemmings soon. Any takers here?
  8. Oil pressure sender works, car was just shut off see 0 rpm.
  9. Yes, Definitely average. The reflector is fine it is just the angle the flash hit it. I took it off to change bulbs, no leaks. I was going to respray the cracked seats with SEM Burgundy paint. I am surprised you didn't pick up on the front bumper cover being out of alignment. I was going to fix that and put the stock wheels back on. I need those 17" for another project. Thanks for checking it out.
  10. I finally had time to take some pics. I might take it to the Mecum KC auction. I don't think I'd get what it's worth advertised locally unless we have any serious offers here. What do you guys think? I will put it on the lift and take some pics of clean rust free bottom and original exhaust and leak free engine trans etc.
  11. Should I just get a 4" buffer from harbor freight and if it looks bad just paint them? I have the compounds.
  12. Champaign taste, beer budget. The local place gets $120+ per piece to refinish in clearcoat aluminum. I can spend that kind of money and still have 15" rims, paint all four for under $80 total vs $480. Or go with aftermarket or newer Buick 5-115. There in is why I came here for opinons. I just don't want to cheese out but few alternatives.
  13. I plan on selling the car in the spring and don't want the painted wheels to hurt the value/ originality of the car. Am I correct Ina reatta purest would bauc at 15" oem paintEd rims?
  14. The stock 15" wheels on my 1990 convertible have some scratches and road rash. I have tried the duplicolor rim paint on mustang pony rims and it came out great. Would it be just cheesy to paint the aluminum stock rims that are usually just clearcoated? It's a white car. Would white rims be too fake select 60?
  15. Does my 16 way power seats and oem cd player add to the value any? Doe any one know how many were Produced with this option combination?
  16. My mistake it is the darker burgundy. I thought red was called flame red. It is indeed burgundy. Can you tell I'm new to the technical specifics?
  17. My car is in good condition 65,000 original miles, everything works. White, white top recently replaced. Flame Red Int. Is $11,900 a fair price? I am going to do the check list and put up some pics but unsure of how much to ask. I am in Hartford CT I'm new so opinions not critics please:D
  18. Just testing the waters. I have a 1990 Buick Reatta Convertible. 65,000 original miles good condition no stories is asking $11,900 a fair price? I am in Hartford CT