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  1. A 1926 Dodge 2 Door Sedan. Body by Fisher. Is a Wood car covered in tin.
  2. jpage contact me other than on this forum or there is a way threw the aaca. Do you want in the fender spare tire or just plane fenders? You should let your banker know you may be in need of him. Frank
  3. Greetings, Sorry I forgot all about you. I have a piece that is about 28" long from a back door. that will give you two factory ends. You will have to figure out how to bend two ends. Two 4" pieces from 28" gives you 20" to practice on. I made a shoe, a slug, a thing to beat on with a nice round edge. Clamped it in the vice and started pecking at it. I found little pecks worked a lit better than a whack or hit. It has to be in the shape of a T so it will slip threw the slot on the back by turning 90*.
  4. Greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest. I might have one out back I will take a look when the sun comes up. The big problem is the clips that hold the strip in place. The legs on the clip have to 1/2 the length of a standard Clip to hold the strip tight. Take a stiff wire stick it in the hole. Pinch it with your fingers. Measure it, that is how long the clip legs can be. Wrong size clips are 90% of the reasons those pices are lost. Frank
  5. How many of these pedestals do you want? The one in the picture is the right one I assume you need the left one. Frank
  6. The lights shown are to be mounted on the side or trunk area of the Vehicle. They are short and chubby like a 38 Desoto. Where are your mounting holes on the car, side or fender?? Frank
  7. What year of Dodge is a D-3? What Year of Dodge is a D-4? What year of Dodge is a D-2? I always thought D-2 was decanted to the production year of 1936. Frank
  8. Ok Jack the Old Guy that Owned the car and passed on. He owns the building and has a business with office buildings closer to the road. Like you say the Grand Son got what he wanted, car gone. If you go down tualiton Sherwood hwy to where Corrugated box is turn right go over the R&R tracks, 4 Way stop. left is Cypole Road, you want to go right, two drive ways on left is the place. It is sad that the old man never got his dream. I am so happy he did not take me up on the put it to gather and get it on the road deal. Ridgefield WA to there would be quite a haul every week end.
  9. Wow this looks like the car that is in Tualitun/Sherwood. Pacific Sports Turff Building. The owner sent it to a Car Restorer. The Restorer had it for several years and sold off the high dollar Head Lights, Tail Lights and several other parts. I had offered to travel to his shop and put the car to gather if He would join the AACA Club. He said he would call me when he was ready to put it to gather or sell. I have never got a answer. It is the same car I has New/Rebuilt Engine to rear end, brake system. Frank
  10. OD is over drive I have one around here some where all rusted up and no good. Mine came out of a 1938 DeSoto. The instrument cluster is not right for a Dodge. I suppect it came from the same Chrysler or DeSoto the transmission did. frank
  11. The first thing is to get the title in your name. You have to start with the Rules. Your local Vehicle License department. Then the Local Shariff or Police Department, State Patrol will not help. Find out the Rules for your self. Do not depend on " well I was told". Once you have got that on the way. Now go to a good book store and get a copy of the Old Car Pricing Guide. Read the how to use the book part real good, maybe two times will do it is only two pages. Price your car. You will know how much you can logically sell it for or how much money you can dump into it to get it running. Here in Washington this is a 3 year 6 month wait time and at least one trip to the inspection station to verify numbers. If you sell without a title you will take big hit on what the car is worth. If you repair with out a title the real owner can take the car away from you and you will not get any of your spent money back. Get the title in your name first. Frank
  12. Try E Bay. I see them on there quite often. Where Are you? Nice bright Sun Shine. The rest of the States are frozen with Snow or flooded with rain and Mud. Frank
  13. Greetings from the Great Pacific North West. I have a couple 36 Dodges. They are great cars. You will be able to travel at 60 M.P.H. all day long and get 20 mpg. e-mail me there are lots of parts still available. first picture of my coupe on AACA ever. Frank
  14. Greetings, CW Moss a parts seller from California sells halergon conversion with the reflector that will work with the 36 Dodge. He has 6 Volt or 12 volt. I went with the 6 volt. Now that I know what I know I would have went 12 Volt. As time goes on I will be converting to 12 Volt. Power you need power to fire off the higher amp lights. Out goes the Generator and in comes the Alternator. Yes you can hide a foreign alternator inside you Generator housing. Frank
  15. Do you have lug nuts that hold the wheel to the hub or lug bolts?? Frank