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  1. I have a never restored 1926 2 Door body by fisher. I have most all parts it needs everything restored
  2. Keith My engine is the original Flat head 6. The Ring and Pinion gears are the original ones that came with the car. The Business Coupe is faster than the 4 Door Sedan at the same R.P.M. I can only go 55M.P.H. in the Sedan and get 20 M.P.G. No over Drives. Points, Timing and Carburation are correct. The only trick I used is 700 X 16 tires on the rear. Frank
  3. I drive this 1936 Dodge every day there is not Ice and Snow on the ground. The Wipers work just fine up hill, the roof does not leak. The worst time is stuck in heavy city traffic on a 90*plus day. She is bloody hot. I travel 60M.P.H. on the Free way and get 20 M.P.G.
  4. To defeat the Anti Theft System. On the inside of the fire wall bend back the tabs and pull back the Big sawser and armored Cable housing. un bolt the wire from the back of the coil. Look for a hot all the time wire at the back of the Amp Gauge. Jumper wire to on/off Toggle Switch Jumper wire to Back of coil. She should start. If You are in a hurry carry a extra coil. Complete with jumper wires and a pice of bailing wire for a mount. Open hood wire coil to radiator support rod. Cut the Wire coming out of the Car's Coil splice it to the positive side of you coil. Take the negative side down
  5. jpage All of my old and rebuilt/new pumps have the hole. Even the gaskets have the hole. If they replaced the back plate they forgot it. Frank
  6. So, how do you contact Weekley's then??
  7. I am looking for a 1936 Dodge Head Light Switch Knob
  8. The picture is only 1/2 of the car there is 6 of them. one on each mounting bolt. My Coupe did not have any
  9. Are these things what you are talking about??They seem to be only in the rear of the Car.
  10. A 1926 Dodge 2 Door Sedan. Body by Fisher. Is a Wood car covered in tin.
  11. jpage contact me other than on this forum fam36@comcast.net or there is a way threw the aaca. Do you want in the fender spare tire or just plane fenders? You should let your banker know you may be in need of him. Frank
  12. Greetings, Sorry I forgot all about you. I have a piece that is about 28" long from a back door. that will give you two factory ends. You will have to figure out how to bend two ends. Two 4" pieces from 28" gives you 20" to practice on. I made a shoe, a slug, a thing to beat on with a nice round edge. Clamped it in the vice and started pecking at it. I found little pecks worked a lit better than a whack or hit. It has to be in the shape of a T so it will slip threw the slot on the back by turning 90*.
  13. Greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest. I might have one out back I will take a look when the sun comes up. The big problem is the clips that hold the strip in place. The legs on the clip have to 1/2 the length of a standard Clip to hold the strip tight. Take a stiff wire stick it in the hole. Pinch it with your fingers. Measure it, that is how long the clip legs can be. Wrong size clips are 90% of the reasons those pices are lost. Frank
  14. How many of these pedestals do you want? The one in the picture is the right one I assume you need the left one. Frank
  15. The lights shown are to be mounted on the side or trunk area of the Vehicle. They are short and chubby like a 38 Desoto. Where are your mounting holes on the car, side or fender?? Frank
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