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  1. I have a 1936 Dodge d2. Seems to run rough at about 35mph. Not sure if it's the driveshaft or tires.I checked the compression on each hole 2 thru 5 @100lbs. Number 1 was 95lbs.Any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. I live in Southern California and I'm looking for suggestions for classic car repair in Southern California. I have a 1936 Dodge d2. Thanks in advance for any
  3. thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have only 1 light knob with the letter L and ring. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 😂 I'm looking for the original dash knobs or if someone knows where I can have replicas made
  5. anyone know where I can have my driveshaft balance in Southern California
  6. Can antifreeze/coolant be used in a 1936 Dodge and is there a specific water to coolant ratio?
  7. I don't know if this will help but on my 36 Dodge I've got dual horns and they didn't work after I installed the second horn and wired it up. I eventually found out that the inline fuse was bad even though visually the fuse looked fine.
  8. Curti. I did the light show last nite. There was some minor arcing at the spark plug bracket but number 1 was definitely a show. I didn't realize it was laying against the thermostat housing. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Tha.no you. I've set it at 550 -600 rpm
  10. Thanks. That's what I thought but couldn't find any specs in my manual.
  11. Does anyone know the idle rpm on a 1936 dodge d2 . the carb is a single barrel carburator
  12. Do any of you know the idle rpm on the Dodge d2 ? The carb is a single barrel Stromberg. Currently the rpm is 600. It seems a little high to me. Also if the number 1 hole is 95lbs could it be a stuck valve ?
  13. Looking for the original dash knobs for a 19e6 Dodge d2 sedan or where I can find the letters and I'll apply them to my replica knobs.
  14. thank you for all your imput
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