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  1. i emailed him .i hope it is still there .but i do need a motor
  2. i need the motor ! how can i get it ? im in bc canada
  3. do you still have the briscoe motor ? if so i need one
  4. zzzzzzz


    3 1/8 piston 1917-1922 b4-24 24hp inline 4 i think the 1916 is the same but headless (a pipe for the water side and so type of plate for the spark plugs b438 .the b438 was called 38 because the v8 had 38hp and it was the max power for that car .the b438/b838 was run for one year as the v8 kill off parts .i was told it was fun to drive but needed a lot of time in the shop i do not know what the 1915 motor looks like or the # for it
  5. im looking for a motor or the parts inside the motor if you have wheel hubs and wheels parts and a front passenger side fender can you post photos of what you have ?
  6. I would like to know where this was on the car . i have a Briscoe b4-24 it is one of the 15 cars I know of
  7. the car is a1918 briscoe b424
  8. can a Starter Armature get magnetized? i have my start at a shop that i do not trust and have told me the armature is magnetized and need to be shipped to a shop that can de magnetize it i had paid to have it fixed and it was not fixed and when i opened it up and looked at it ,they did not do what i paid for
  9. in a 6v starter form 1918 do i need copper brushes in it ?
  10. I knew it was not brass-era but thank you for posting this
  11. 1918 briscoe pm if you would like my phone #
  12. Ok I tried you have an email with some photos
  13. How do I post a photo form an apple 5 to this post
  14. Is this one yours ? I repainted mine to that set up . i saw this car on the web when it was getting sold . (About 2 years ago) i would love to see more photos of it
  15. I need photos of the briscoe data tags . I need to have one made . the car was made in the USA and Canada and would like to see the two types
  16. Can you post photos of 1. Your car , things like your carb and where parts are missing 2. The car you are looking at . If you can on the firewall there are two data tags . But I would be happy with what I get I'm redoing my wire and paint , I would like to see a head on photo ( my lights are not on yet )
  17. How bad are the wood bows ? What are you selling it of ?
  18. I will be working on my soon . I will see what I have . Ps your photo clutch looks like mine
  19. I have a 1918 424 i would like to see the parts
  20. i would like to see some photos ,if you can . thank you