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  1. I would like to know where this was on the car . i have a Briscoe b4-24 it is one of the 15 cars I know of
  2. the car is a1918 briscoe b424
  3. can a Starter Armature get magnetized? i have my start at a shop that i do not trust and have told me the armature is magnetized and need to be shipped to a shop that can de magnetize it i had paid to have it fixed and it was not fixed and when i opened it up and looked at it ,they did not do what i paid for
  4. in a 6v starter form 1918 do i need copper brushes in it ?
  5. I knew it was not brass-era but thank you for posting this
  6. 1918 briscoe pm if you would like my phone #
  7. Ok I tried you have an email with some photos
  8. How do I post a photo form an apple 5 to this post
  9. Is this one yours ? I repainted mine to that set up . i saw this car on the web when it was getting sold . (About 2 years ago) i would love to see more photos of it
  10. I need photos of the briscoe data tags . I need to have one made . the car was made in the USA and Canada and would like to see the two types
  11. Can you post photos of 1. Your car , things like your carb and where parts are missing 2. The car you are looking at . If you can on the firewall there are two data tags . But I would be happy with what I get I'm redoing my wire and paint , I would like to see a head on photo ( my lights are not on yet )
  12. How bad are the wood bows ? What are you selling it of ?