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    if i'm getting new valves for my 1920 Briscoe b4 34 motor . would you ship it off to a shop to have them valve ground or would you use lapping paste (i think that is the name of the paste. the sandy paste) it is $25 a hole . getting it to the shop is going to be a hard. what would the best way to have it in a truck ?
  2. starting to look better . new valves going into her . it looks like she looks like it will run
  3. it looks like a 1916 and a 1919/20 the 1916 is a headless motor in the 1920 the motor went form the b424 to a b434 (24hp to a 34hp)
  4. i still would like to try to get a motor off you if i can .
  5. the michign museum that is in the old briscoe plant i did not know briscoe had a plant in france . i did know of the one in canada Century-old car factory to be redeveloped into Hackett Auto Museum and it is going to be JAXON Auto Museum soon
  6. can someone tell me some info on the engine ? i'm just starting to pull it apart . i know 34hp i have info on the b4-24 but not the b4-34
  7. thank you jim ! it just came in today .
  8. can i you post your seller info so we can look at your shop on eBay ? the links are old and looking for things like this can take time on eBay
  9. 1/3 Stearman i will not tell you how low i sold it . i had not had it in the air .to big to fly it out of where lived and had to move to a smeller place . when i moved form a 5000sft to a 2500sft place a lot had to go . the wing was 10'-12' it was big
  10. before you ship it to the museum ,i would like to get some parts off you . i do get doing work over playing with cars .my car might end up at that museum . i can not use the tax write off as i'm in canada and it is in the usa
  11. i will be getting it on oct 13 and will do photos of it inside and out .
  12. if you can not sell them you can donate to me 😀 i would try to get them running . i would try to get them running i can not get into the usa at this time as it is closed to us up here .i would look into a shipping container i have tried to sell my car before and no one is willing to pay for it . i do like driving my briscoe
  13. i think it would be fun ! parking up here is hard to get .can you do more photos of what parts you have and i will try to tell you more about them . im going to look at some old cars (at the hoods ) can i see a photo of the hood ?
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