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  1. the ign part is in middle of the dropdown light switch handle. the key part is seized and will not turn but the light sw part still functions, being that it is pot metal I am afraid to take it apart, so am wondering if anyone has or knows where i might get one? Thanks Jim Barlow
  2. no does not have a glass face, it is original Pontiac light/ign sw, the lever swings side to side for light positions and the key is in the centre of the lever Thanks
  3. Looking for a working combination ign key switch with the drop down light switch arm, key in middle of light switch. for a 1927 Pontiac thanks
  4. no cannot come to Canada until this virus is under control
  5. where is the brass ID tag supposed to be?
  6. I agree that someone should have it, it is located at Thessalon ont can
  7. Anyone interested in this engine or parts as it will be heading for the scrap yard soon, most everything is there engine wise
  8. I have tried to answer but system refuses to take any more messages, email me directly if you can
  9. I am in the process of disassemby of this 1920 Briscoe engine, most of the engine parts are there, but not all disassembled yet, a project in progress, I only have engine, clutch and transmission, no other parts,If you send me a PM I can email you some pictures
  10. most parts are available, located in Ont canada
  11. I just acquired a Complete Briscoe engine with production date 7-21-20, I am in Ontario, it is badly in need of lots of TLC but mostly all there
  12. Ole Jim


    well now I have it still in the back of my truck and on the lower block are the number sequence 7 21 20, would that be the 21st of july 1920??? Thanks
  13. Ole Jim


    I am about to go pick this engine up today, so far I know it is a 4 cyl water cooled made in US, will try to find more info on engine when I get it in my shop Thanks for all the info so far and I will appreciate any more I can get
  14. Did Briscoe originate from Maxwell? I need Briscoe info as I have a project Briscoe engine and need all the help I can get thanks
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