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  1. Anyone know where to find a fuel tank for my 1946 and -48 LC coupe?
  2. Hi everyone, need your help. Do any of you know any about this Lincoln and it´s owner please let me know. I´ve been offered to buy a 1957 Lincoln Continental coupe and find it quite rare by the low price and if it really is the owner selling it. The vinplate in photo. I live in Sweden and have no way to look at the car myself. Michael
  3. Hi, just saw this and wonder if you still have parts for a 1956 Buick Super 4 door ht? I need trimparts for left / right rear doors and right rear fender. Regards Michael, Sweden
  4. Hi, I´m interested for parts. Need ignition coil, distributor, wiring and a lot of other part. Do you have any photos to share. Thanks, Michael Bengtsson, Sweden
  5. Hi, need the ashtray placed in the back of the front seat for my 1956 Super 4 d ht. Do you have any? Michael, Sweden
  6. I´m from Sweden and shipping will be quite a bit to add. What will be your Buy it now price? My email is, janmichael56@gmail.com Thanks Michael
  7. Hello Bernie, just another year to fill with nice meatings and cars I use IV Porte just because I own 2 nice 1980 STuTZ IV Porte, and of course the wonderful RR. Even a 1946 Lincoln Continental Coupe V12. As I asked last year I do need some parts for my RR, the ackumulators, rear hight-control L/R and so on. Don´t know if I told I bought these parts from a guy in the US, he shipped only some of the parts not the accs that Iteally needed. Hope you can help me out here. Have a nice day and keep in touch. Michael
  8. Hi Bernie, Michael from Sweden asking, any other parts for RR ss. I own a 1975 RR ss lwb, need parts for rear height control, acc and stuff. Have a nice 2016 Thanks Michael
  9. Dale Lamar, I did not really get to know you but like to thank you for the advise you gave with my 1956 Buick Super. Take care and hope to keep in touch. Best regards Michael, Sweden
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