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  1. I found the answer! "Unfortunately that's life with the fuel being produced now (ethanol adds to the issue). Whenever gas sits in the carb bowl for any length of time this is the result. Carb bowls are vented which allows air to begin the process of the fuel breaking down."
  2. Took Carter carburetor to clean and I found this Grey powder...my fuel filter is clean...my neighbor told me that is deterioration of aluminum in the carburetor...is this correct?
  3. Hi, the seats from a 1956 Buick Century are similar size that a 1956 Buick Super? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a 1956 Buick parting out. Let me know what do you need. me know what do you need.
  5. WFBC Carter carburetor advice need! with car idling , should metering rods go down (by vacumm) if I press the accelerator ??(I removed the cap and exposed the metering arm and rods), Thanks
  6. Hi everybody, a few days ago I got connected with Michael Bengtsson from Sweden. He has a 1956 Buick Super and he need some molding and tim for his car. I imagine it must be very difficult to find parts for your Buick in Sweden ... can somebody help? IV Porte 10 Started conversation: Sunday at 03:36 PM Hello ddias396, my name is Michael Bengtsson from Sweden. I have followed your progress with restoring your 56 Buick. I do have a 1956 Buick Super 4 d hardtop and am in to restore it. I do miss some of teh outer trim. On right rear door and the fender i miss the trim, and on left side the door trim. Somewere I noticed you have cars for spare parts. I have surched for these parts for several years but no one seems to have any. Is it possible you have spares and can sell me those parts? My alias is IVPorte and I´m a member of the AACA. Sinceraly Michael Bengtsson, Sweden
  7. I found piston vacumeter orientation.
  8. I got an ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight and rebuilt my Carter carburetor AGAIN!!! This time I did a deep cleaning (remove the four low speed jets, four metering jets ,metering rods, pump relief plug(didn't remove the pump intake check ball since it was moving freely in place) jet housing, ETC! The gasket from the air horn teared a little be, used some Permatex(is this ok??)As the carburetor was rebuilt many times in the past, I don't know if everything is as it should be and I have some questions.1- Is the orientation of the swing vacumeter piston at the piston link important? How do you place the piston and the spring back in the cylinder hole?(put the spring first and then lower the air horn with the piston already attached?)Is there a trick how to place the metering rod in the jets on the same operation?(is done but it was very difficult!). The 4 metering jets(2 primary 2 secondary) have same number?? Thanks. PS what kind of spak plug will work replacing the original AC Type 44? Autolite 85 will do?
  9. Couldnt make original choke work properly, so I adapted a manual choke. I will continue working with the original trying to fix it.
  10. Thanks old-tank...I will do as you said.
  11. I was having problems with the acceleration pump in my carburetor(Carter), so I removed it and rebuilt again.Now the car is runing better. I need to set the timing in the car...when I use the timing light I need to disconnect the vacum advance first? 5 degrees will do? . Also is time to adjust the valves in the 322, any advice how to do it right? but first I will like to do a compression test. Can somebody guide me the proper procedure to do a compression test.Thanks, Daniel.
  12. 1956 Buick Super, can I remove the high accumulator from the Dinaflow transmission (without removing the transmission???)? I have a leak and I think is the accumulator seal. Also, I exchanged the transmission from the Super, using the Dinaflow from my spare 1956 Special. Acumulators are different.What about carburetor/transmission linkage? Different?(pedal starter is disconnected, car use a start bottom). Can i replace the Carter WBFC for a newer Edelbrock carburetor? (when I got the car, it has a Edelbrock carburetor on,not buying a new one)Car is or will be a driver. Thanks, Daniel.(notice accumulators pictures...left one have 6 smallholes, right one 8...I dont know wich one is the Super or Special Dinaflow.
  13. Having a hard time with the automatic choke (original was gone, got the new Dorman "chinese"kit) I'm thinking about installing a manual choke. Did anybody installed a manual kit in a Carter WCFB? If yes, which kit? will work fine in a warm Fl?. Thanks, Daniel.
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