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  1. Thanks Ken, I'll check Dave at Macs.
  2. Le Baron Bonney did send me samples to choose from and I was ready to order. This was an upholstery kit for a '39 L.Z. Coupe. Then I hear of the bankruptcy, I think I was too late. Are there any other upholstery suppliers for this car ? Chuck
  3. What a great movie and memory for that special car ! Thanks Ken
  4. Thanks for those great replies. Photo shows it all. Chuck
  5. I'm in the process of the rebuilding of my 39 LZ Coupe. I'm fitting the fenders and doors. My question, does the rear fender welt proceed down to the rear quarter curve stainless trim or does it stop where the fender meets the curve section ? Thanks guys Chuck
  6. Yes they are still for sale. If interested you can email or ph 415 388 2882 Thanks Chuck
  7. 15 inch rims, hub caps, beauty rings in good shape. Tires have good tread, some blems on WW. $450. or best offer. - 415 388 2882 tread
  8. It would have fooled me, just a good, after market, chrome job that lasted maybe 50 yrs. Now sand and paint ! Thanks
  9. I have a '39 L.Z. Coupe with a chromed windshield frame, It looks original. I have painted all the window frames, steering column, dash etc. with the original color (thanks Ken). But know, before sanding the chrome down to paint, I'm thinking some cars could have come from the factory this way. Anybody know ? Thanks Chuck Daniels
  10. Ryan, I have checked with Merv he dosen't have any good rims. Thanks for your response. Chuck
  11. My '39 LZ Coupe needs four 16 inch 4.5 or 5 inch wide rims. These came on some Ford, Lincoln, Merc and Ford trucks. It would be nice if they had the hub cap clips. Chuck 415 388 2882
  12. I'm painting my '39 L.Z, Blue Ridge Blue. I was made aware that this color was used during the summer of 1939, only for two months. I have never seen this color on a car. Has anyone one else? A picture would be real nice, then I could see what I'm getting into ! I think it will look good. Thanks Chuck
  13. Does anyone have a lincoln Zephyr painted Blue Ridge Blue ? Or has anyone seen one painted B.R.B ? I understand that it was only used for two months in "39. I think it's a great color. cdan34
  14. Want to buy, two front 39 L.Z brake drums with a maximum clean up of 12.060 dia. Chuck 415 388 2882
  15. I have a '39 lincoln Zephyr Sedan drivers side door which is in fair shape It has no insides, windows or hardware. The curve on the bottom is in good shape. If interested please contact. 415 388 2882 Chuck