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  1. These are some pics of the '39 L.Z Coupe I'm building. The dipstick tube is early Ford v8 and Chevy six pan breather also full flow oil filter. All these were done with engine out. The angle of dipstick had to be changed to fit with exhaust and steering column. When full of oil it's pretty close to the right level.
  2. MNathan, The valve locks I used were from Speedway Motors part # 91599097. As you mentioned they were for Chevy Exhaust Valves, single groove. I forget the amount I took off the bottom of stem, but it worked out well with these valve locks.
  3. On my v12 I used Chevy valves that were 1.550 dia. The valve inserts will stand the bigger size. May be even let more fuel in. I had to machine a small amount off the stem and use special valve spring lock which lowered the spring height. All this worked well with Johnson adjustable lifters and reground cam. I used the single valve groove and the valve locks I purchased at Speedway Motors.
  4. I see the recess where that would fit in the door. I wouldn't have guessed it, is there anywhere I can buy those type of springs. Thanks Colin
  5. I'm in the restoration process of putting the interior of my '39 coupe together. I don't know how the glove box door stays closed. On the passenger side, the lock can keep it closed but on the drivers side nothing. Was there a spring for the lower section of these doors to keep them shut ? Thanks LZ Gurus
  6. As the years go by my Coupe is starting to take shape, and thanks for the help given by a lot of you guys. The windshield wiper motor is trash and I would rather put in a newer electric motor. It won't be a problem to fabricate mounts or brackets. Has anyone done this and what was the motor that you used, there's a lot out there. thanks again Chuck
  7. 40Zeph, I phoned Ron, had a pleasant conversation and he's making me two dash inserts for my '39 LZ. He's a good source and lives in the Bay Area, thanks so much for the info ! Chuck
  8. Does anyone know if they make glove box inserts for a '39 lincoln Zephyr. Or maybe a certain year Ford may work or be modified to fit. Thanks Chuck
  9. I wanted to mention to you guys that have die cast or pot metal problems. My grill for '39 Lincoln Zephyr was in need of repair. As I remember, somebody on this site had similar problems and mentioned this shop. I phoned the number, left my parts and I'm very pleased with the work and the price. Couldn't be better. The Pot Metal Repair # 707 621 5052.
  10. Abe, I'm glad to hear that you were able to do this. I didn't know if the front horizontal port were restricted in some way internally. But I think it's open to the same oil volume as the standard oil port that feeds the rest of engine. Great to see you've done it ! Chuck
  11. Thanks guys for your comments. The semi full flow oil filter idea seemed easier to me on the later v12's because you don't have to drill and tap two times as you do on the flathead v8's. Using the stock filter would be fine and the way to go if this were going to be a high point car. Unfortunately this '39 Coupe saw some hard times, 92,000 miles, a Buick v8 with dynaflow, Buick steering box, column and wheel also other mods plus being left in the wet for many years, no protection. The car is now a rolling chassis coming back to life with Colombia rear and Zephyr trans. The '46 - '48 v12 will be modified a little for power. The rear end is running later Ford Axels, not too difficult an improvement. So from the outside with original color this car should look stock. I wanted to mention the engine is using Hogan Heads, solid lifters and the crankcase ventilation will come from pan to oil separator with vacuum from check valve, exhaust. These modifications are visible but not that bad. Chuck
  12. I'm interested in knowing if a semi full flow filter can be installed in the later lincoln v12's. I know the method on the v8's but I'm wondering if you could block the rear horizontal oil passage in the same way and come from either the top or left oil port to filter out of filter to front oil port on rear of block. Merv Adkins sent me a nice diagram of the oil passageways and it looks like this may work. I may be way off on this, but is it possible and does anyone know if it's been tried ? Thanks Chuck
  13. Thanks Ken, I'll check Dave at Macs.
  14. Le Baron Bonney did send me samples to choose from and I was ready to order. This was an upholstery kit for a '39 L.Z. Coupe. Then I hear of the bankruptcy, I think I was too late. Are there any other upholstery suppliers for this car ? Chuck
  15. What a great movie and memory for that special car ! Thanks Ken
  16. Thanks for those great replies. Photo shows it all. Chuck
  17. I'm in the process of the rebuilding of my 39 LZ Coupe. I'm fitting the fenders and doors. My question, does the rear fender welt proceed down to the rear quarter curve stainless trim or does it stop where the fender meets the curve section ? Thanks guys Chuck
  18. Yes they are still for sale. If interested you can email cdan34@att.net or ph 415 388 2882 Thanks Chuck
  19. 15 inch rims, hub caps, beauty rings in good shape. Tires have good tread, some blems on WW. $450. or best offer. cdan34@att.net - 415 388 2882 tread
  20. It would have fooled me, just a good, after market, chrome job that lasted maybe 50 yrs. Now sand and paint ! Thanks
  21. I have a '39 L.Z. Coupe with a chromed windshield frame, It looks original. I have painted all the window frames, steering column, dash etc. with the original color (thanks Ken). But know, before sanding the chrome down to paint, I'm thinking some cars could have come from the factory this way. Anybody know ? Thanks Chuck Daniels cdan34@att.net
  22. Ryan, I have checked with Merv he dosen't have any good rims. Thanks for your response. Chuck
  23. My '39 LZ Coupe needs four 16 inch 4.5 or 5 inch wide rims. These came on some Ford, Lincoln, Merc and Ford trucks. It would be nice if they had the hub cap clips. Chuck 415 388 2882 cdan34@att.net
  24. I'm painting my '39 L.Z, Blue Ridge Blue. I was made aware that this color was used during the summer of 1939, only for two months. I have never seen this color on a car. Has anyone one else? A picture would be real nice, then I could see what I'm getting into ! I think it will look good. Thanks Chuck cdan34@att.net
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