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  1. Yes the 40 is a better light because of the seal beam the light sockets for the bulbs in the 39 very hard to find and if you do they cost too much. The look of the 39 is in my opinion is best. The 39 parts are basic bucket reflector lens rim and a few stainless springs and clips type stuff east enough to rebuild. The 39 reflector all seem to crack and the H4 converse for the bulb is the way to go. The Champion has the same headlights. What do you have to start with for headlights?
  2. Champions had the same headlights are you looking for parts for a conversion or complete 6 volt setup.
  3. First car pictured is yard art the second one is the one that I am working on my name is Terry I have a ton of pictures that I will start to share we all like the pictures. T
  4. Starting a build thread to share and gather information for my build a 1939 Studebaker Champion somewhere I can ask questions and keep track of information. I have had this car since 1979 found on the streets of Victoria BC Canada where it was running and motor vehicle inspected bought for $1400.00 since then I have built the motor twice it now runs the original block with later crank and shell bearing .040 pistons motor is all redone and runs smooth. I have been and again a member of the Antique Studebaker Club have had this car apart and stored for many years now body work has been competed
  5. That is the one thank you stude8. Terry
  6. Looking for the thread earlier this year where there was discussion on pulling rear drums from 20's studebaker guy had a hydraulic jack on it as a puller and was told to try the drum puller that you hit with a hammer I wanted to share with my vw crowd anyone able to point me to it. Terry
  7. I had bent brackets on my 39 champion bents so badly that when I found some on ebay I bought them once they arrived one was bent and one was prefect I used the good one as see the shape and managed to bend the 3 bent up ones back into prefect shape by moving them around in the vise over bending them back into shape using a 4 foot bar it worked good and they still have the spring in them. Terry
  8. These people in this forum will be able to help can you tell us more about your 32 would you post a picture. Here is a list of vendors. Studebaker Vendors Web Site Parts Directory You can get a harness at this link. Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc. and this link to Studebaker forum. Studebaker, Erskine & Rockne - AACA Forums
  9. You would be surprised at how nice these things come apart the small pieces are all stainless like the clips be careful when you pull the headlight from the socket the sockets are $227.00 at donsbulbs MAIN PAGE - rare specialty bulbs projector lamps they are spring loaded and do come apart easily just figure it out and don't force anything I have not found any other source for the sockets I was wondering if anyone else has found any cheaper replacement DB-P15D30-1 sockets.
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