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  1. Saw your response, went to the shop, put together this set-up and let her rip. The upper brass tank had a 1 1/2" hairline crack. Used propane torch and body solder, 30/70, NO LEAKS! Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the input, think I'll go with maybe 1+ lbs of pressure. You guys are a fountain of knowledge, now can someone direct me to the Fountain of Youth?
  3. How much, if any, cooling system pressure should a late 30's early 40's flathead, straight eight have. Trying a DIY radiator repair and thought I'd pressure test it with air, WITHOUT blowing it apart. Any Help?
  4. Can someone explain the timing marks on my 39 Stude 250 cu in straight 8. UDC 3-6 about 4" around the balancer, UDC 1-8 about 2" away INOP 1-8. I know UDC= TDC
  5. Thanks for the response! Happy Motoring!!
  6. Have a 1939 Studebaker 250 cu. in. 8 cylinder flathead to rebuild, not running. What is the rotation direction of the Crankshaft, from the front or rear of the engine?
  7. Thanks All for the input. Looking at the squished remains of my body mounts ( my cars, not mine ) it's hard to tell what they are made of or how thick. Was kinda was hoping all would be the same.
  8. Need to replace the body mounts on my 1939 Stude President. Does anyone know what material was used and what thickness. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info. I saw the color on a 1940 Graham, was told it was the repaint of the original color. I love the color and want it for my 1939 Stude President.
  10. Was there a color named "Empire Maroon" used in 1939 or 1940? If so, does anyone have a chip or formula? Thanks
  11. WANTED: 1938-1939 Commander and President 4dr. opening rear quarter window weather strip. Stude part numbers, 268264 right, 268265 left. Mine are dry rotted. New, used, one or a pair. ANY help/leads deeply appreciated. Steele Rubber, Pat Walsh and some others do not have them. Nick Farina 518 733-6083, email, nykikos@yahoo.com
  12. I need the Clips that hold the stainless trim on the doors, fenders etc. The Clips are for a 1939 Studebaker. They were used on '39 President & Commander and '39 & '40 Champion. Studebaker part numbers are 1574X & 1575X. They may have been used on other makes. Any help?
  13. I need the clips that hold the stainless steel side trim on the doors,fenders etc. The parts book calls them "Moulding Fastener". Studebaker part numbers are 1574X or 1575X, used on 1939 Commander & President and 1939 & 1940 Champion. Need a total of 45 clips.
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