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  1. Is the president still for sale now that it has been a year? He leave no phone number or anyway to contact the owner.
  2. Never saw your reply, do not get notified. Do you still have the round one here on the photo? Call me 541 234 6440
  3. I have it now a and actually have one for sale.
  4. Photos was when I found it at a junk yard here in Oregon, only Studebaker among all other sorts mostly Ford.. The guy bought all his life, assuming he would make it rich one day on old cars, but then he died... Care taker was selling them right and left for the wife, 600 cars all gone now in just three months.
  5. Where are you GW-3 still waiting to hear from you... Still need a few things for my 1939 Champion Coupe. Such as the taillight housing for the back fender and also the lower molding under the doors... Does anyone have these? If you do again call the number I previously left as I found I do not get notification and i do not see anyone responded to my March 24th response to GW.
  6. Hello GW, just got on here to see your reply. So you have for both 37 and 39 the parts I posted? When you ask me trade like services, what do you mean exactly? Parts as in extra Studebaker parts? Or parts in general? Are those part i listed that you say you have can I call you? Please give me your phone number so we can talk? Or again you can call me at 541 234 6440 or my cell 541 414 5190
  7. You got the car I want, enjoy it that one is really special. I have the 37 Sedan president, but the coupe is my favorite... i have a 39 but it not the same in anyway. 98 Blacks you seem to have made many connections to others that have 37 parts, could you send me a list of people you know that have them so i can contact them myself to see if they have a few of the part I need? I would really appreciate this. Doc Wiese docwiese7@yahoo.com
  8. Studebaker 1965 do you by chance have extra parts, such as tail light bezels and extra headlight rims if you ended up with others making available.
  9. You have a 37 Dictator, would you by chance have some extra parts such as tail light Bezels and headlight rims?
  10. What model 1937 Stude do you have? Would you might have extra parts for a 37kk do you? Such as the tail light Bezels or headlight rims?
  11. I apologize to everyone that responded, I did not realize that the posting does not send a notification that I have a response, now I know better, as a new member posting I will keep coming back to see if anyone has responded. No I have no found any of these items as of yet and still looking. To Robert Kapteyn RBK... My 39 Studebaker is a Champion Coupe and yes the taillights are different from the President And Commander... I do not need the Bezels or the glass only the RIGHT fender tail light housing. My coupe only had the left and i want two tail lights on my Coupe. To Richard Quinn Studequ... Don't need the 39 Sills I need the ribbed stainless moldings below the door on the outside on the body. Again do not need the tail lights for the 39 only need the housing on the right fender. The 37 President, I need the tail light Bezels and the front headlight rims as well. Temp gauge. I will give you a call tomorrow Richard. GW-3 1273... What do you have in car parts, anything that i have mentioned. Please if you or anyone you might know has 1939 Champion and a 1937 president that might have parts please call me at 541 234 6440 or my direct email at docwiese7@yahoo.com
  12. 1937 Studebaker need tail light Bezels and one glass, also need president temp gauge 1939 Studebaker Champion taillight housing in fender on either coupe of sedan also chrome trim under the doors
  13. By chance do you have any parts for the 1939 Campion coup, such as the trim under the door, also need tail light housing in fender which can be from any 39 Champion model.
  14. Looking for 1939 Champion parts car for a few items, such as the taillight housing that is in the rear fender, also the trim under the door. Contact me at docwiese7@yahoo.com
  15. Anyone have tail light housing for 1939 or 1940 coupe or sedan... Also need for my Champion coupe the molding under the doors, might be able to cut down a sedan. doctraveler7@gmail.com
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