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  1. I really love this thread, glad to see things are coming along,your pics of your front fenders are really helpful. My '33 Chrysler CT front pass side fender has a tear along the wheel well, and I have been scratching my head trying to figure out how about going about fixing it. Good Luck, Benny
  2. btw I'm going on the assumption that the engine isnt all torn a part..if the heads off then yea..rebuild.
  3. if I were you..I wouldn't worry too much yet about that motor, if it were me ( and I did this with my straight 8 in my '33 chrysler) I wouldn't tear apart the engine yet, so long as a rod isnt going through it..that might be a good sign, first thing I'd do is pull the spark plugs and pour a teaspoon of ATF or Marvel mystery oil down each spark plug hole..let it soak for a couple days, get a hand crank or racket or what ever to see if it can turn by hand, if you can get it to turn by hand,good sign, next if you hear the compression that a good sign too, then get a new set of spark plugs..and yo
  4. according to my hollander interchange ,33 chry ct, 32-36 Reo, '32 Chry..will work and '33 Franklin Olympic and 6 brake drums would work..of course on my quest for drums a guy once called me said he could make me new ones for around 2k..of course if your so good at what you do why are you calling people for work? Usually it's the other way around. I think when we do our restorations we do some times over think things ..because we never want to be the guy on the side of the road. I have drove my self nuts thinking of every possible break down and a way to fix it..but then you become so paranoid
  5. i don't know if it's a model 75 but..1929 Chrysler Sedan looks like it's in your neck of the woods..benny
  6. my parents had a '28 victory 6 4dr sdn..but the old man had to sell it to pay bills..sold in the winter of 1980 .we are in washington state..i always wondered what happened to it i can't imagine it being a Honda civic be now it was to nice or at least worth rebuilding ..if anybody knows let me know will yea.
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