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  1. Waiting for it to arrive from The Brillman Company ,they seem to have it all !! Have a great weekend
  2. Thanks Gunsmoke ! Pretty aint it !! Thank you very much all the best Harry
  3. I would like 2 please !! If you send me your e mail address I can give you my address and details ok ? Im e mail address ,beemergb@yahoo.de ,thanks again Harry
  4. Hi Mike , thanks for the tip ! Have you tried to cut and bend spring steel ? Have done one and it looks like shit ! All I want is the correct clip , and by the way the new clips I bought are not wide enough .But thanks anyway H
  5. Ok I seem to have cured the hold down cap clip problem .But I still need one clip ,I have tried to find one like it but to no avail .Anyone got one I can buy please , new secondhand rusty dirty new ?? I will take anything , Hope you can help . thank you Harry
  6. I see by the picture you sent , that my new cap is correct and the clips that where on the distributor , the rusty ones in the picture where infact wrong ! And maybe after 80 plus years it was changed !! Anyone got a picture of the unit complete ? That would help , but thank you for the info , I bet the prices have increased a little since t was first printed
  7. I think Ive tried everything ! The problem is 1the caps itself is wrong , if it was taller where the clips click on to it might do the trick . Hope I find the answer , but thank you anyway , Harry
  8. Hi fellow members ,I trying to find the correct distributor cap and hold down clips for my Remy Delco ,Solar Spark Ignition , model 661R serial number 3670 .I have received from various parts specialists ,but to no avail .As you can see in the pictures the original hold down clips dont come close to holding down this replacement cap . Any ideas out there where I can get the right one and the new clips , secondhand or new Im easy , just want to get the old girl on the road !! All the best Harry
  9. Hi there I know its a while ago ! But is the trans still for sale ?? If so please contact me ok thank you Harry
  10. Hi there is the trans still for sale ? If so please contact me ok all the best Harry
  11. Hi there is the trans still for sale ? If so please let me know ok thank you Harry
  12. Hello Chrysler fans , Im looking for a Chrysler straight 8 1931/32 engine gearbox if possible any condtion,as long as its rebuildable ,hope you can help Harry
  13. Hi people , I am having problems with my CL-8 engine , the cylinder head is cracked and beyond repair .Someone has tried to weld it back in time, and made a mess of it . the question is can I get one ?,I know got to Sears and buy one in blue ! Yes I love jokes too .Does anybody reproduce parts for this model engine ? I can make this part again as Im involved with prototype engine parts of all kind , but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone has made these parts . And if nobody does and I produce the head again would anybody else be interested in one ? Just alterd the engine id its a CL not a CD .Hope to hear soon Harry
  14. This one ! We cant wait to get it running again .Its almost in the condition it was then .No over restore for this one ! its a racer
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