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  1. $2900 OBO. I can ship reasonably. Video of this motor running is posted at ; and I pulled this motor out of a 1939 Chrysler Imperial in 2004. The engine number is C23-10174. It is a 324 cubic inch, eight cylinder engine. Similar Engines eights were used in Chrysler Airflow, Saratoga, New Yorker, and Crown Imperials from 1934 to 1950. We rebuilt the motor and put it in a WWII military 4x4 chassis. That vehicle was never completed. It has been test fired, but has not had any serious time or miles on it since the overhaul in 2004. We just pulled
  2. Completely rebuilt. 324 cubic inch. Running on test stand. Zero miles on overhaul. Came out of a 1939 Chrysler Imperial $3,950. Located in Columbia, MO Can ship. 573-424-0089
  3. One of my trucks was sold through the Salt Lake City Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg dealer. It happened to be the dealership that helped stage all the Aurbun, Cord, and Dusenberg-powered Mormon Meteor runs at Bonneville. Diamond Ts from that dealership were used on the salt as support vehicles. Selling at NO RESERVE: shaggy9822 | eBay Don 573-424-0089
  4. Here's a photo of the plate. Does anyone know what the rest of the top tag would have looked like?
  5. This photo looks to be from 1949. The archives date it 1936-39 like the Aurburn/Cord photos, but based on the Dodge and Ford in the background it has to be later. I'd like to find out if Wilkinson was dealing in Diamnd T trucks at the same time as Auburns and Cords or if the truck dealership came after Cord shut down.
  6. And here's a photo of the Diamond T 201 from the Wilkinson dealership. It appears they are use it to chang tires on the Mormon Meteor.
  7. Thanks. That's awesome! Those archives are great. it takes a whiel to sort through,but I'm compilign a photo essay at Salt Lake Diamond T based largely on what I'm finding there. I'm still thirstly for more. Here's a nice shot of Ab Jenkins racing an Auburn on the Salt Flats.
  8. The dealership also went by the name Zion Motors. Any info on this dealership in Salt Lake City or Murray, Utah would be appreciated.
  9. My Diamond T has the white on green '64 plates. I found some receipts in the dispatch pocket for gas dated July, August, and September of 1965 and in the same name as the original owner. Could it be there were driving on expired plates? Or when would a 1964 plate expire? Did they have a farm license or other exeption for older vehicles or commercial fleets? There is part of a tag bolted to the top of the 1964 plate that reads "Registerd Vehicle" It looks like the rest of the metal tag is torn away. Salt Lake Diamond T
  10. Yeah, the Utah archives where I found that photo date it circa 1936-1939. Diamond Ts looked pretty similar from 1938-1949, but the Dodge panel and Ford Woody in the background have to be 1949. I'm not sure what Ab was doing out on the flats in 1949? The archives have a bunch of other photos that are indeed from 1937, because they show Jenkins racing Cords and Auburns. Cord production had just shut down for good, when Jenkins set records in them. Salt Lake Diamond T
  11. In the olden days, did most states issue you a new license plate and a new number every year? I'm trying to document the full history of my Salt Lake Diamond T. It still wears license plates from 1964. I found some scraps of paper in the dispatch pocket. One is dated 1965 in the original owner's name. I also found a license registration dated 1963, but it is a different number than the '64 plates. I think the second owner took possession sometime after 1964 and never registered it. I think it was used only with a farm license. This all adds up if the state of Utah issued the original o
  12. That would be sweet! Coincidentally, my Diamond T originally came from an Auburn Cord dealer and it got revived to a running state in my Dad's garage which is also home to an Auburn and Cord and the accompanying signs. The video of the first test dirve in decades is online at :
  13. I'm looking for any info I can find regarding Wilkinson Motors in Salt Lake City. O.J. Wilkinson owned the Auburn Cord Duesenberg dealership and also the Diamond T truck dealership. I have a couple photos of the ACD dealership with Wilkinson and race driver Ab Jenkins. I can't find anything regarding the Diamond T dealership other than a few photos of Wilkinson Diamond Ts with the Mormon Meteor at Bonneville. I'd like to uncover more details, becuase I just found a model 201 pickup that came from Wilkinson motors that had been hiding out in the Utah desert since 1965. Some of the photos and
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