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  1. HELP! I was contacted by a fella over in Norway that has a 37 large Buick tranny all apart and is looking for parts. After looking this over it appears that it has had some mods prior to his ownership that leaves us somewhat confused. For starters, he needs a cluster gear and a 1st/reverse gear but after looking at the main shaft assembly we found that the syncho has the same size cones front and back which is not what a 37 has. In comparing his shaft to a stock 37 that I have there is a lot of differences. The input shaft seems to be the same length as a stock unit but the cone is larger to fit the synchro in the pic below. So am throwing this out there in the hope that someone can offer up something of value. I have contacted Dave Tacheny about this but have not heard back from him yet FWIW.
  2. This is a part that we have had from a rebuild of a roadster. Fits the left side between the engine and the frame. It is in very good shape. Will sell it for $250 + the ride. PM me with any interest.
  3. Seems that the spring in the shifter housing that keeps tension on the shifter is always broken in these trannies. Has anyone ever been able to locate a replacement? I have used a similar unit from Century Spring in CA but there minimum order is a killer. That spring is shorter and requires an addition of a machined spacer to make up the difference. Just thought I would put this out here to seeif anyone else has come up with a better idea.
  4. great to know. That expands the years some more. Still looking.
  5. thanks fellas! found one finally nearer me.
  6. Anyone have a Century 6 bolt top cover tranny from a 37-38. I have a good set of gears but no case or good shifter. PM me if you can help.
  7. pushing this to the top to see if anyone can help me out here???????????????
  8. I am looking for a pair of 15 inch rims from an early Pontiac that would be in 5 on 5 bolt pattern, 3 1/16 hole opening and 5 to 5 1/2 inches wide. I thought that the early 49/50's might work but cannot find a spec on the oe rims. Can anyone help me out here?
  9. I am looking for 2 rims in 15 inch 5on5 bolt pattern with the big center hole (3 1/16) and in a width of 5 inches to a max of 5 1/2. I thought that the early 15's on Oldsmobile's may fill the bill but am not sure of their specs.Can anyone help me out?
  10. Here are two Buick hubs circa '58+ I would like someone with more experience than I to look at and ID for me. I was under the impression that all the 58-63 hubs were the same but these are not. They do take the same roller bearings but the one on the right is 1/4 inch longer and has a different casting. No idea what these came off as I picked them up from another builder who was under the same impression as me. When did the Buick's go to roller bearings? Also notice that the one hub has a larger index for the drum allowing a portion of it to protrude above the edge of the drum. I assumed that the Buick rim would then index off of that making the rim hub centric. Don't really know, just my novice opinion. The other hub shoulder sets below the drum edge as you will notice from the pic. So, hope someone out there in "Buick world" will remember these differences and can explain or ID these for me. Many thanks ..
  11. I am in need of two decent Buick rims with bolt pattern of 5on5 and 15 inch by 5 inch. Anyone know of any out there and if so can you tell me the back space measured from the rear of the rim to the hub. PM me with any info. Thanks.
  12. Ben, can you give me an update on the backing plates. Have you changed your mind about selling them? Have not heard back from you..............Walt
  13. Ben, that should be the ticket. I would be interested in the two front backing plates for sure. Where would you be shipping from? Possibly if close enough I could use the hubs as well. Bet they are heavy items. Let me know. Thanks for the response. Walt
  14. I am looking for a set of backing plates from the front of a 58-61 Buick. Perhaps someone who has done a disc brake conversion has a set laying around. PM me if you have any. Pic attached of a set of plates for reference.
  15. Dwight, just saw this post and don't know what you ever did with the tranny. I have a complete 37 6 bolt cover tranny gut that I took out of a good tranny when I converted a stock tranny over to an Olds gut and open drive line for a client. So, if you would be interested let me know as it is just taking up space in the shop. Walt