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  1. Anybody know of a parts car or a yard that has Caddy's????
  2. Clearing out some of my items. I have a NOS output shaft that fits the 1952 to 1955 Olds 98. This is the longest output shaft that was used with the selectric trannies measuring 23 3/4 inches. In perfect shape. $100 + the ride. Pm me with any questions. USPS money order accepted.
  3. I have 2 rotors NOS that fit the following. 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 DURANT, 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 ESSEX, 1933 HUDSON 6, 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 NASH, and 1930 1931 1932 1933 WILLYS 6. $10 each + the postage. PM me with any questions.
  4. I have 2 NOS breaker plate assemblies from Auotolite part number IGS-3004A. Fit Dodge and Plymouth cars 1940-42 and 1946-48, Dodge and Fargo trucks 1939-42 and 1946-47. $12.00 each + the postage. PM me with any questions.
  5. I have 2 NOS condensers for a Packard,Hudson,Nash,Stude 1928-46 made by Autolite part number IGW-3075. $7.00 each + the postage. PM me with any questions.
  6. Bought an old ignition cabinet that had many NOS parts in it. There are 10 Autolite condensers part number IG-3927A that fit the '46-50 Chrysler product line as well as Hudson. These are all in their original boxes. $7.00 each + the postage. PM me with any questions. I do take paypal other wise USPS money orders.
  7. I have a 37 large case tranny apart and am in need of a .065-.070 steel thrust washer for the rear of the cluster gear in order to set the end play correctly. Other than Northwest Transmission in Ohio are there any other sources for these vintage parts?
  8. UPDATE finally got the Buick back in the shop. As it turned out the insulator for the lower control rod to the selector finger was worn out allowing just enough slop that it would interfere with 1st/R selection. The insulator sets on top of the steering mast right next to the engine. When heated by the engine it became softer providing just enough extra slop to interfere with proper gear selection. Replaced the rubber insulator with a 50 cent bushing and away she drove! Thanks for all the input fellas. Pretty basic simple fix. The owner was tickled to say the least.
  9. Good point on the adjustment Critter. I am hoping that it will be that simple of a fix. Wondering if any member has a shop manual for the 40 Century that show the detail of the shift linkages. This unit has been out of the car before and it may not have been reinstalled correctly with respect to the linkages/tension spring setup. Can someone attach a picture of this and the adjustment procedures?
  10. Don, I am familiar with the two trannies from past rebuilds. However, I was a little amazed at the size of the inspection hole in the floor of that Buick pic😀
  11. Thanks for the pics. That is a lot bigger than I had expected. I can see why it is easier with the seat out.
  12. Thanks Dave for the heads up. The owner took the car back last night so I did not accomplish much this morning. We are scheduling him back soon and then we will take a look. I will update this at that time. Also, I had thought this was a sedan but Bruce tells me that it is a convertible.
  13. All good points fellas and I thank you for the quick response. Fluid level is where it should be according to my friend who has looked at it yesterday. I am going up to the shop this morning to crawl under the Century and have a look at other things. As far as I know right now the owner has no history with the car having bought it just recently nor do I know if he has any ability to speak with the previous owner. There was a hint from my friend that this was an estate sale implying that the p/o may be deceased. I have had quite a few selector trannies apart before but can't quite understa
  14. A 40 Century came in to the shop today. New owner. Complaining that he can't use 1st/R after the car has been driven and is warmed up. 2nd and high work fine all the time. It appears that someone recently had the tranny out. So we drive it and it works fine. Go around the block a couple of times and then no low/reverse. Doesn't matter if the engine is running or not. If you wait for 20-30 minutes it releases and works fine. Am reluctant to pull the tranny as it will be cold and it will be working fine so I was hoping for some ideas on where to go with this first. We may open the floor u
  15. I am looking for the rim that was used in a 79 Seville for the spare. It is a 15x5 5on5 BC rim and marked with a stamping of 15x5jj. I do not need the tire only the rim. "80 may have been the same possibly. Email me if you can help with this.
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